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Redemption Ground Bible Church
Bishop Moses O. Adesina

               8 April, 2005               



      Dear Brother Swaggart,
     Grace and peace, mercy and Truth be multiplied to you exponentially in these end times. Brother Donnie, I am Rev. Daniel K. Hathorn of Redemption Ground Bible Church and I am writing to you in response to a Word from The Lord while praying for you on the 25th of March. The Holy Spirit is prompting me to write to you concerning The Word He gave me. My prayer is that you would receive it meekly and humbly and not throw it out the window before taking it to The Lord in prayer to have Him search your heart with it (The Word), Jas. 1:19-21; Jer. 17:9. Please pray to restrain the reaction of the flesh to throw out a Word of Chastening and thus allow the flesh to throw out Life Himself, Pvb. 1:25, 30; 5:12; 10:17; 12:1; 15:10, 12; 29:1, 15. We are to submit ourselves one to another (that is The Word, in one another, Who is The Head of The Church, and not the flesh in one another). If you are a child of God and this is a word from flesh, The Holy Spirit will reveal that to you from your heart. The Lord chastens His sons that He loves, Heb. 12:5-6. He chastens us so that we can have faith for repentance and not be judged with the world, 1 Cor. 11:32; 1 Pet. 14:7. Repentance is a gift of God and all gifts of God must be received by faith, 2 Tim. 2:25; Rev. 2:21; Rom. 10:17. And we can’t receive faith for repentance until we hear a Word of chastening, (reproof). David, a man after God’s own heart understood this principle, and prayed for reproof (chastisement) and he taught his son, Solomon, the importance of this, and to do the same, Psa. 141:5; Pvb.1:23; 6:23; 13:8; 15:5, 31, 32; 17:10; 19:25; 25:12, 15; (Isa. 11:1-5).
     My Beloved Brother Donnie, please observe the above references and keep them in mind as you hear The Word The Lord gave me on the 25th of March while in prayer for you, that you might receive “Him” with gladness and not be offended by Him, The Word that comes with His gift of repentance, Matt. 11:6. I was at the Camp meeting on the 24th of March at the 7:00 pm service. In that meeting while Brother Loren was receiving the offering you said that “we could only go as far as the money takes us.” That statement struck through The Word in my heart like a dagger. It was like chalk screeching on a blackboard to my soul. I began thinking to myself that it was a good thing the Disciples and Philip the “Evangelist” did not have that kind of heart, mind and confession, Matt. 10:1-14; Mk. 6:7-13; Lk. 10:1-12; 22:35; Acts 8:26-40. While I was thinking this, The Holy Spirit spoke to me. Please allow me to share with you how The Holy Spirit interpreted “we can only go as far as the money takes us” to me that night. This is what He said referring to you, Brother Donnie: I have become a hired shepherd, just like those in the apostate church; I have prostituted myself for money; money is now my god and can solve all of my problems; I have placed money above the moving of The Holy Spirit; I don’t need The Holy Spirit- only your money, thank you; And if I don’t have your money, I am going to stop preaching and you don’t want that, because “I” have The Words of Life; Give me your money and send me forth as your champion to do the ministry or else you will lose out; I have become a spiritual whore-dog willing to sell my soul for money (the means) just to preach the message (the ends) – thus defiling myself and the message, and turning the message (the proper ends) into an idol (in and of itself) by the defilement of the means (the offering). The ends do not justify the means, my Beloved Brother. Please note in Acts chapter 8 that The Holy Spirit is mentioned 6 times and money 3 times and in this chapter money is always indicated as evil and in opposition to The Holy Spirit’s moving. Not that the money was evil, but the “mishandling” of it was so evil that a curse was placed on the money to carry the handler of it to hell, vs. 20. The mishandling of the money came from a heart that was “not right in The Sight of God,” (vs. 21). The mishandling of the money proved that Simon’s outward profession of faith (in death of self on the cross), was just a façade. It proved that he was still bound by iniquity and that his heart and mind was still poisoned with bitterness that would defile many, vs. 23; (Heb. 12:15-16). His “mishandling of money” cut him off from his portion of the moving of The Holy Spirit, vs. 21. And if it were not cursed by Peter, it would have defiled everyone in Samaria and stopped the moving of The Holy Spirit there. My Beloved Brother, I did not come up with these words out of my own imagination – God, The Holy Spirit, gave me these words during the meeting, while you and Brother Loren were taking up the offering, and additionally The Word of The Lord came to me in prayer for you the next day. He perceives that you are bound by iniquity and that your heart and mind are poisoned with bitterness that is defiling many. When The Holy Ghost told me these things a cold chill and a holy fear and trembling fell upon me for you and all those at Family Worship Center and Son Life Radio. Tears streamed down my face, for I felt in my spirit He was showing me as He showed Samuel and Ezekiel that His glory would soon depart this place, if repentance was not forthcoming, 1 Sam. 4:21-22; Ezek. 10:18. What was the prescription for Simons healing in Acts 8? It was Repentance, Prayer and the hearing of The Word of The Lord, Acts 8:22-25. My Beloved Brother, it is the same for you. Please hear The Word of The Lord spoken to me for you, that you may receive “The Faith” to repent, otherwise your prayers and your search for repentance will be in vain, Heb. 12:17. Ex. 20:3, Thou shall have no other gods before Me. 1 Cor. 6:9-10, Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit The Kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators (with devils behind worldly ways), nor idolaters (of money), nor adulterers (pretending to be dead to self when their actions prove otherwise) …shall inherit The Kingdom of God.
     My God shows me that He will soon bless this nation with an economic collapse. It will be a blessing, because it will tear the money idols out of our hands so we can get saved and make the rapture that we would otherwise miss. All of those that have not learned by “The Faith” that Jesus is LORD, will learn the hard way as they call on their money god and no one answers, but they only hear God laughing. My Beloved Brother, my Bible tells me that if we do not preach The Gospel, we ministers will go to hell, 1 Cor. 9:16. Brother Donnie, would you really stop preaching if no one paid you? I believe because of the worldly attitude you have cultivated that you will soon be put to the test in this regard along with The Jimmy Swaggart ministries and Son Life Radio which you are associated with, if you do not repent. I have been preaching The Gospel of The Kingdom for 7 years now and have received only about 9 offerings from the pulpit and radio program not including one monthly partner, and two sizable offerings The Lord made me give back so as not to pollute “His” Holy offering (institute). Not many people want to hear that they have to die to everything they are and desire, much less pay for it. Brother Donnie, if money influences where we preach or how we take up offerings, it will soon influence what we preach. It is inevitable. We are to be totally dependant on Jehovah and not the least bit dependant on money, even though we may perceive we are limited without it. Brother Donnie, I am a minister of The Gospel and I make mistakes, and I am very appreciative when someone catches my mistakes so that I don’t get off track from The Word of God. God judges us by the intent of our hearts in reference to His Word. No man can know the intent of our hearts in regard to mishandling God’s Word and His offerings, but regardless of the good intent of our hearts in ignorantly mishandling God’s Word or His offerings, if we err from The Word and that mistake continues uncorrected it will cause great difficulties for the child of God, up to and including the loss of life and eternal damnation. And if that child of God is a minister of The Gospel, there can be extremely dire and catastrophic consequences for hurting the sheep of The Lord’s Pasture in addition to the great difficulties from erring from The Word: especially when He sends His Word to correct and that Word is cast aside as dung, because the delivery vessel is judged and not The Word, which the vessel delivers. I beg of you for your own sake and for those to whom you minister to and are associated with, to give this Word (and any Word) due diligence in quiet time with The Lord and Scriptural study before you cast it out, Acts 17:10-12. If it is from The Lord and you cast “it” out, you will be casting out “The King of Glory.” He can and will use whomever He pleases to use, even the simple and the children so that no flesh will be glorified and no man lifted up, Pvb. 1:32; Jer. 49:20; 1 Cor. 1:26-29. The Father is not willing that we should learn from the school of hard knocks so He sends us chastisement to correct our pathway before the hard knocks come. Please hear me out; hard knocks are just ahead if you do not repent.
     My dear Beloved Brother, The Word of The Lord came to me on the 25th of March while in prayer for you and He instructs me to tell you that He was not behind, with, or involved in that offering that you and Brother Loren took up on 24 March at 7:00 PM. There was “a” spirit present during that offering all right, but it was not “The” Holy Spirit, nor was it “a spirit of giving,” as Brother Loren indicated. It was a “
spirit of the world” or some other evil or foul spirit. Brother, I lost my Salvation in a prosperity preaching “church of the world,” and that offering made me think I was back in that church that robbed me of my Salvation and stole my money for devil worship. The ends do not justify the means. If we strive unlawfully the whole is thrown out as corrupt including the proper and right end, 2 Tim. 2:5. We can not drink the Cup of The Lord, and the cup of devils: we can not be partakers of The Lord’s Table, and of the table of devils, 1 Cor. 10:21. And while I am behind JSM and Family Worship Center 100% (with everything I have) because the message of the cross is the right message and the only message that saves (the ends), that does not justify stooping to (intermarriage with) the ways of the worldly apostate church to finance it (the means). Please listen to the enclosed tapes on Biblical Giving 1-6, The Lord impressed upon me to send to you. God does not need money (filthy lucre) from the people; He needs their hearts. My God is The Great God Jehovah, He does not need money. He created all things by His Word. He raised me from the dead by His Word. He cured me of liver cancer by His Word. He parted the Red Sea, and He made a Holy Body of Saints out of sinners like you and me by the death of His Word made flesh and His shed Blood at Calvary. Did Jesus need money to accomplish The Will of The Father? He did not need money to do any of this. All He needed was an obedient heart to The Father’s Will. If we don’t tell the people of the message of the cross, they can’t have “The Faith” to give all of their hearts, all of their souls, all of their minds and all of their strength to God. And while I do take offerings and I do believe they are a valid part of a service, I do not believe this particular offering, by this particular spirit, at this particular time (and length of time) was from God, but in fact from an evil spirit. While this defilement of God’s Holy offering was taking place, it shoved The Word of God to the side (that could have given the people “The Faith” to give all), and effectively eliminated Him from the service that night. There is a place and time, (and length of time), for everything.
Holy Offering     We become Servants of Jesus Christ with the promise of pain and suffering not well financed ministries that never lack. Observe the enclosed photo from a fellow “Evangelist” Servant in Somalia. He has never “taken up” an offering from the people, he says because they don’t have anything to give. (Whatever The Lord directs that is not contrary to His Word is correct). Some Muslims tried to pay him to stop preaching, (they feared him because of the anointing of God upon him). He refused. Then other more devout (i.e. more demonic) Muslims heard of the other Muslims offering him money to stop preaching and they were outraged. They gathered up their forces (demonic), severely beat and chastised those that offered him money to stop preaching, and they came to him and demanded that he stop preaching the gospel and demanded that he pay them a tribute to
Allah. He refused again, so they cut off his feet. As soon as his wounds were healed he crawled on his hands and knees for miles to go and preach “The Gospel of The Kingdom” to the surrounding villages. One day someone heard the message and got saved and gave him his donkey. The donkey was all the man had and the only means of his livelihood. That man was a Muslim. This is a picture taken of a HOLY offering given from a willing heart after having heard “The Gospel of The Kingdom” empowered by The Holy Ghost. Please note that he has clothes and obviously has been eating (he is alive), 1 Tim. 6:8. Count the cost Brother Donnie before you continue on following Christ as this “Evangelist” is following Christ, it may soon come to this in America. By comparison, haven’t we become FAT, LAZY, and SLOTHFUL in spiritual things? Woe (eternal damnation) is unto us if we preach not this gospel, 1 Cor. 9:16. I have been preaching this Glorious Gospel of The Kingdom on radio for seven years now and have received only ONE offering from people who have heard the message on the radio, and that ONE has become a monthly partner. He also has become a minister of The Gospel – the message of the cross. Praise The Lord! What does money have to do with anything? Jesus Christ did not come to take up offerings. He came to teach and to preach The Gospel of The Kingdom, Mk. 1:14-15, 38; Matt. 4:23; 9:35; 11:2-6; 24:14; Lk. 4:18-19; 7:20-23; 9:1-6, telling them that they have to lose all of their lives’ in order to find Eternal Life. Brother Donnie, after having received The Word of The Lord on the matter, I know that you were not moving in the discerning of spirits to know that while you and Brother Loren were taking up the offering that you were empowered by worldly devils commissioned to expire the time allotted to teach and to preach The Gospel of The Kingdom that Saves and changes hearts and lives making them “willing to give all from their hearts.” Because you were not moving in the discernment of spirits, you could not see or know that while you were putting money in 1st place, devils that were conjured up from our idol worship were moving upon and coercing the people to give (and not The Holy Spirit); thereby polluting and defiling the HOLY offering and turning the HOLY offering into an abomination and stench in God’s Nostrils, Isa. 1:11-31; Mal. 3:2-10. Another thing that happens while the gospel is not being preached is that other gods are subtly substituted for The Great God Jehovah. This allows devils to enter in with their worldly doctrines: leaven creeps in and all sorts of “things” take the place of The Gospel such as the so called “fire of God” emotional experience spreading through the churches right now, which is satan’s counterfeit to the real revival that will come, if we forsake not “The Way” of The Lord. Please see enclosed letter to another brother concerning this “fire of God,” which is not from God. Brother Donnie, one day I was watching a Benny Hinn service on TV and the unction of The Holy Spirit inside of me was telling me something was wrong. I asked The Holy Spirit what it was, as I did not see what was wrong in the “healing service.” He asked me what was being preached. And then it dawned on me – nothing was being preached. The Bible was never opened! The Lord said the healings were not from Him, but in fact were demonic, Rev. 16:13-14. Brother Swaggart, what was being preached on 24 March at the 7:00 PM service? Brother Donnie, every wind of false doctrine is allowed to creep in if The Gospel of The Kingdom is not given its proper place, Mk. 1:14-15, 38; Matt. 4:23; 9:35; 11:2-6; 24:14; Lk. 4:18-19; 7:20-23; 9:1-6; 1 Cor. 1:17-21. Please be very, very careful. We are living in perilous times.
     Brother Donnie, I did not realize until after The Word of The Lord came to me in prayer for you on the 25th of March that the prophecy that Brother Lester brought forth while in song was not for the church at large, but indeed for Family Worship Center and Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. The Word of The Lord that came to me has instructed me to direct your attention to that prophecy that might have gone unnoticed by you thinking it was for others. He brought forth Mal. 2:11: “Judah has dealt treacherously, and an abomination is committed in Israel and in Jerusalem; for Judah has profaned the holy institution of The Lord which He loved, and has married the daughter of a strange god.” Judah had intermarried with the enemy. That Holy Institution is the institution of the offering (giving). And the marriage to the daughter of a strange god is the stooping to the taking up of offerings like the apostate church takes up offerings. The ministers of the apostate church do not want what God has to offer anymore. All they want is what the people have to offer – money, (regardless of how polluted it is). Please listen to the 6 messages on giving on the enclosed tapes.
     Brother Donnie, after The Word of The Lord came to me while praying for you on the 25th of March, The Lord gave me a prophecy for America, and then He showed me that the time is come that judgment must begin at The House of God, 1 Pet. 4:17. He showed me in a vision a pastors’ wife on the platform somewhere. You were also on the platform. This woman was not Sister Debbie. The Lord showed me that this woman had been yielding herself to a
devil and had been instrumental in destroying three ministries already by this devil, and in this vision she was there at Family Worship Center with the same demonic mission. The Lord would say to the devil behind this woman, thus far and no more. He would say to the woman: you have been hostile to My Word and opposed My Truth all along faking that you believe. You are rejected as far as “The Faith” is concerned and your foolish deception will become obvious to all. I don’t know if she was a visiting ministers’ wife or not. But The Lord said she had been given space to repent and somehow through you and this Word (?) she is even now being given another opportunity to repent and she refuses to humble herself and repent. In the vision this woman stands up to rebuke and points her finger at the minister that The Holy Spirit is using to point out her sin, and she is turned into a pillar of salt right before everybody’s eyes. Then The Holy Spirit, through the minister, instructs that she should be placed on the front steps with a sign on her that says, “REMEMBER LOT’S WIFE.” Apparently Brother Donnie, you have or will have in the future some contact with this woman to warn her. Don’t miss the opportunity! God is not willing that any should perish.
     The Word of The Lord that came to me concerning America. I am broken with your whorish heart, which has departed from Me, and with your eyes which go whoring after the world’s idols: you shall loath yourself for the evil which you have committed in all your abominations. You shall know that I AM The LORD, and that I have not said in vain that I would do this evil unto you if you do not repent. Slain men (dead in spirit) shall be among “your” idols and round about “your” altars. I will stretch out My hand upon you and make the land more desolate than a bare place in the wilderness. You shall know that I AM is The LORD. The end is come upon America and I will send My Anger upon thee, and judge thee according to thy ways and will recompense upon thee all of thine abominations. My Eye shall not spare thee, neither will I have pity: but I will recompense thy ways upon thee. And thine abominations shall be in the midst of thee and you shall know that I AM is LORD. A disaster is coming, (here The Lord showed me 500’ tidal waves hitting the east and west coast, a huge volcano erupting in Wyoming- “the midst of thee,” and a nuclear first strike attack by submarines in the Pacific and Atlantic and from somewhere in the south). My Eye shall not spare thee, neither will I have pity: but I will recompense thy ways upon thee, and thine abominations shall be in the midst of thee: and you shall know that I AM is LORD and not money. Judgment without mercy is determined for America and can not now be reversed for she will not repent. Even if revival now comes it will be for the saving of souls in the rapture and not for the nation. An end is come, the end is come the day of trouble is near and there will be no more joy and reveling in America. Now will I shortly pour out My fury upon thee, and accomplish My Anger upon thee according to your ways, and I will recompense thee for all thine abominations. My Eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: I will recompense thee according to your ways and your abominations that are in the midst of thee and you shall know that I AM is THE LORD that smites. Behold the day, behold it is come: the doom is gone forth and the blessings of your forefathers that you thought was from your own goodness have ended. My Rod is ready to strike. Your luxuriant pride has budded. Violence is risen up into a rod of wickedness: none of them shall remain, nor of their multitude, nor of any of their wealth, neither shall there be wailing for them. The time is come, the day draws near: let not the buyer rejoice, nor the seller mourn: for Wrath is upon all the multitude of idolaters – the vision is for the whole multitude thereof, which shall not receive a Word of correction and repent; neither shall any strengthen themselves with their money. They have proclaimed the coming of My Blessings when they should have been making a call for war against iniquity – because of iniquity My Wrath is upon all the multitude and will be satiated as you have refused My Sacrifice. The sword is on the outside of “your” church houses to slay, and abominable pestilence and famine within. Those that escape My Wrath will weep because of what their sin has wrought but still they will not repent. The total destruction coming to you, America will crush all of your pride. You shall then seek repentance but having rejected My Word of chastisement you will have no faith to receive it and so it will be too late for you. Horror shall cover all that are left behind at the time of the rapture and shame will be upon all of their faces. They shall cast their silver in the streets and their gold shall be refused as payment for their redemption. They trusted in their money to deliver them and not God. Their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the Wrath of The LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, nor quench the thirst of their spirit with their money, because it is the stumbling block of their iniquity. They traded their birth right as Bride of Christ for their money so they become like their money which has eyes but can not see the wrath coming. It has ears, but can not hear The Word of chastisement and reproof from The LORD. It has a mouth, but can not speak to warn the people of the disaster to come. The people have become like the money idols they worship – dumb, stupid, spiritually senseless and with absolutely no spiritual intelligence. They have set their money idol on the throne of their hearts and have cast out The King of Glory. I will burn My temples (their bodies) and their idols set up in their hearts with fervent heat and defile it, giving it over to become the habitation of
devils, and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful demon. And when you call upon the apostles and prophets you have also fashioned with your own hands and when you spread forth your hands, I will hide My Eyes from you: yes, when you make many prayers I will not hear: your hands are full of blood. Wash you make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before My Eyes; cease to do evil; learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow. REPENT! If you are willing to obey unto death of self, you shall know and do My Will by the power of My Spirit says The LORD. But if you refuse My reproof and continue with your witchcraft and idolatries, you shall be devoured by the Sword of My Mouth.

     In the service of The Master,
     Love in Christ,

     Rev. Daniel K. Hathorn


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