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               14 September, 2009               



Mr. Jimmy Swaggart,

You are professing yourself to we wise in Scriptures and you have become a fool, Rom. 1:22. Will you never cease to pervert the ways of God? On SonLife Radio you "declared" that heaven was a planet! Where is that in The Bible? If it is not a planet, what is it you asked? Please read your Bible and it will tell you. I read in Rev. 21:10-23 that it is a CITY "New Jerusalem" just what Abraham was looking for, Heb. 11:10. The foundation is The Word in the apostle's doctrine. The builder and maker of that foundation is God- Jesus' doctrine that Mr. Jimmy has to LOSE his life, (his foolish pride, stubbornness to REPENT, etc.), by "The Faith" that "he DIED" with Christ in order to find The Eternal Life of Christ living IN him (which IS his Eternal Life). But Mr. Jimmy seems to want to tear down that foundation with his foolish PRIDE in his Scriptural wisdom with a little error (LIE) here and there. Whose side are you on, Mr. Jimmy? Let God be true and Jimmy Swaggart a liar. I have been there personally in an out of body experience and it is "NOT A PLANET". Heaven is a "CITY" just like it is described in Rev. 21. And it has huge high walls "just like The Bible says". And the gates are huge pearls "just like The Bible says". And The Lord told me when I was there that the pearls will be a testimony of The Father's "LONG SUFFERING", each time we go in and out; how He put up with our pig-headed stubborn pride and REFUSAL to REPENT when corrected. What is astounding to me is that none of "your" panel corrected you (by "The Word" and the same unction of The Holy Spirit that was in me screaming out "ERROR"), making it apparent to me the corruption of "your" panel is total and complete. They are all bowing down to their idol "Mr. Jimmy" and not "The Word" - The Foundation of "THE CITY". And behind every idol there IS a "devil", 1 Cor. 10:19-21, the "REAL OBJECT" of Jimmy Swaggart's love and worship, 1 Sam. 15:23. Mr. Jimmy, I pray that you come back to your first Love Jesus Christ on the cross and that your faith is "not in His cross", but in "your" "DEATH" with Him there (Rom. 6:7) so that Christ, Who IS your LIFE can live and not Jimmy, (Gal. 2:20), before it is too late, Rev. 3:1-6. The world has seen enough of Jimmy - they need to see Jesus. But if you continue on STUBBORNLY not repenting when corrected, I have no doubt that in the future they will see some more of Jimmy. And IF they SEE Jimmy, it means TWO thing: 1) Jimmy is not "DEAD"; and 2) he is NOT hidden "IN Christ" (Who is Jimmy's LIFE ETERNAL; therefore, he does not have Life Eternal), Col. 3:3. And that would put Mr. Jimmy "OUTSIDE" of "The CITY", where the dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and "IDOLATORS", and whosoever "loves and makes a LIE" hang out, Rev. 22:15. And that may be on a planet, "your" planet heaven.

Love in Christ,

Rev. Daniel K. Hathorn
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From: Duane Crockett []
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2010 4:56 PM
Subject: Jimmy Swaggart, You Fool

Dear Rev. Hathorn,

I am probably not writing you anything that you haven't already heard before. I certainly can't take anyone's personal battles on -Jesus himself didn't speak anything to defend himself. I do, however, want to clear something up. I watch Jimmy Swaggart's "A Study In the Word" and I too have heard him refer to Heaven as a planet. You greatly took his words out of context. First of all, Swaggart called it a planet, as he says, because there will be people, streets, animals, plants, etc. and he said that "sounds like a planet to me." However, you make it sound on your website that he is calling Heaven a planet out in the cosmos like Jupiter, Venus, etc. - and that is wrong. He believes, as do I, that the Holy City, will descend out of the clouds from the heavens and he says that is when "planet Heaven will come down to planet Earth." And yes, when you openly admit you are wrong for your judgment on his teaching, not to mention that he will be left outside the gate like the dogs - you can use this e-mail as your "eye opener." For let me tell you one thing, if Jimmy Swaggart is not forgiven for his sin, then neither is Daniel Hathorn or Duane Crockett either. Thank you!

Duane Crockett



From: "AAMOM"
To: "'Duane Crockett'"
Subject: RE: Jimmy Swaggart, You Fool

Mercy unto you and Peace and Love be multiplied.
Duane, I am afraid you are mistaken. I did not take Mr. Jimmy's words out of context. You yourself have just stated that he called Heaven a planet because..., and that he said that "planet Heaven will come down to planet Earth". Mr. Jimmy DID call Heaven a planet and that is not out of context. My point is WHERE in ALL of the Scripture is Heaven called a planet? No where! Just because Heaven has people, streets, animals, plants, etc. does not make it a planet. Does Jupiter or Mars have these things? They are planets too! The Bible ALWAYS refers to Heaven as a CITY. Here is another point of view: planets are in the realm (dimension) of time and space and Heaven is not in the dimension of time and space, and making it so is a direct attack on the Eternal Existence of God Almighty. Also Heaven is spiritual and planets are earthly. Much like the Last Adam is spiritual and the first Adam is earthly. Believing that Heaven is a planet is just one step away from believing that the first Adam after the fall was the same as before except that he just needs "forgiveness" to be "Saved"- in other words Christ died in vain. The fact is that the first Adam fell and sank down from a spiritual being to a vile soulish, selfish earthly being unable to communicate with God and unable to get back to his prior state (even with forgiveness). The old man MUST DIE to all that he is in order to be BORN AGAIN as a spiritual man, Matt. 10:38-39; 16:24-25; Mk. 8:34-35; Lk. 9;23-24; 17:33; Jn. 12:24-25. This is The Gospel Jesus taught. It is NOT the gospel JSM is teaching. The old branch MUST be CUT OFF before it can be grafted into The New Vine. The NEW Life of The Last Adam is a Life giving Spirit and He MUST completely take over the old for us to be BORN AGAIN, 2 Cor. 5:17. We MUST DIE in order for that to happen, or else we are still in our sin nature, Rom. 6:7. Know you not, that so many of us as were baptized INTO Jesus Christ were baptized INTO His DEATH, Rom. 6:3. Where are we predestined to be chosen? IN Christ! Where are we holy and blameless? IN Christ! Where are all things freely given to us? IN Christ! Where is The Blood appropriated? IN Christ! Where is our redemption? IN Christ! Where is the only place we can DO God's good Will and Pleasure? IN Christ! How do we get IN Christ? A baptism of DEATH, Rom. 6:3; Eph. 4:5. We are all the children of God by faith IN Christ Jesus, Gal. 3:26. Faith in our DEATH with Jesus Christ on the cross IS THE Faith Christ left His Church and what He will be looking for when He returns, Lk. 18:8. This is NOT the faith JSM is teaching and preaching. And even when it is shown that what he is preaching is NOT in The Bible Mr. Jimmy and his followers stubbornly and arrogantly refuses to admit his (their) error and repent. Judging by the fruit he (they) is (are) NOT a child (children) of God. He is a rebel leading "his" followers to the pits of hell.

"Sounds like a planet to me" is the "subtlety" of the "serpent" that Mr. Jimmy is operating by to introduce "doubt" in The Word of God just like the serpent that beguiled Eve did in the beginning: "has God said", Gen. 3:1. Duane, a little leaven, leavens the whole lump, 1 Cor. 5:6; Gal. 5:9. Duane, if you swallow that lie from the serpent behind Mr. Jimmy, that Heaven is a planet, it won't be too long before he will be selling you some real estate right next to Mr. Jimmy's pit in hell. You defending Mr. Jimmy's "honor" and not "The Word of God" proves that Mr. Jimmy is NOT DEAD and hidden IN Christ. Mr. Jimmy and "his honor" is still alive = he is a carnal, earthly and dead man to all that God is. Mr. Jimmy has not entered The Kingdom of God (he comes right up to the door with the message of the cross, but he then throws away the key [his death] without entering), and he wants to shut up The Kingdom of Heaven to prevent you and others from entering by keeping the keys from them. You defending him also proves that you are a part of a cult when you put the defense of your leader above the defense of The Word of God. Please see attached Sermon on "Where is God's Honor". The subject discussed was baptismal regeneration, but you can substitute any Biblical error in its place.

The "key", my Beloved Friend, to the Kingdom of Heaven is DEATH. Christ is alive in our lives only through our faith in our DEATH with Him on the cross. It is faith in our DEATH with Christ that secures The Kingdom in us. What JSM is teaching is not the message of the cross; it is faith in faith in the cross. We cannot get to Heaven with "faith in the cross". There is only One that is going to Heaven from wince He came and that is Christ. And you are either IN Him and forgiven by The Faith that you DIED with Him on the cross or you are not IN Him and not forgiven and are cursed. Christ IS The Wedding Garment. And you are either DEAD and hidden IN Him (= forgiven, have on the Wedding Garment) or you are not, Col. 3:3; Rom. 13:14; Gal. 3:27. The KEY to The Kingdom in us is our faith in our DEATH with Christ. It is what allows or turns on The Life of Christ within us to do The Will of The Father. If your faith is not in your DEATH with Christ, then Jesus is NOT your Lord, Eph. 4:5. You cannot enter The Kingdom of Heaven without DYING to everything you are and hope to be, Gal. 2:20; Col. 3:3; Rom. 6:7. My dear friend, Mr. Jimmy is not preaching and teaching that Duane and Jimmy and others have to DIE. He is preaching faith in faith in the cross; not much different than the Word of Faith cults that he chastises for preaching faith in faith for things. Duane, will you accept Jesus' DEATH as your own to turn on His Life IN you? If you do, you will have to reject Mr. Jimmy as your idol and openly admit that he is wrong in his teaching because, Heaven as a planet like Mr. Jimmy is trying to teach (among other false doctrines) is NOT IN THE BIBLE. If the foundations of Truth in The Bible are destroyed, what are you going to stand on for your Salvation? NO ONE is forgiven outside of Biblical Truth. And Jesus IS the Truth: NO ONE is forgiven OUTSIDE of Christ. My dear friend, if you are not DEAD and hidden IN Christ then you are NOT forgiven and neither is Mr. Jimmy and you and all who reject Christ's death as their own will face eternity without God. Duane, Jesus did not come to condemn you, nor forgive you of your sins. Jesus came to DIE in YOUR PLACE and save you from your sins, by living His Life through you by The Faith in your DEATH with Him on the cross. If you reject the only Faith Jesus left His Church, then you are guilty of killing Him yourself and you go on living your life by crucifying Him afresh daily. I pray this email will "open your eyes" and that you will REPENT and bring forth fruits of repentance.
Love in Christ,
Rev. Daniel


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