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Redemption Ground Bible Church
Bishop Moses O. Adesina

               25 March, 2005               



     Dear Brother Larson,
     Grace and peace, mercy and Truth be multiplied to you exponentially in these end times. Brother Loren, I am Rev. Daniel K. Hathorn of Redemption Ground Bible Church and I am writing to you in response to a Word from The Lord while praying for you this morning. The Holy Spirit is prompting me to write to you concerning The Word He gave me. My prayer is that you would receive it meekly and humbly and not throw it out the window before taking it to The Lord in prayer to have Him search your heart with it (The Word), Jas. 1:19-21; Jer. 17:9. Please pray to restrain the reaction of the flesh to throw out a Word of Chastening and thus allow the flesh to throw out Life Himself, Pvb. 1:25, 30; 5:12; 10:17; 12:1; 15:10, 12; 29:1, 15. We are to submit ourselves one to another (that is The Word, in one another, Who is The Head of The Church, and not the flesh in one another). If you are a child of God and this is a word from flesh, The Holy Spirit will reveal that to you from your heart. The Lord chastens His sons that He loves, Heb. 12:5-6. He chastens us so that we can have faith for repentance and not be judged with the world, 1 Cor. 11:32; 1 Pet. 14:7. Repentance is a gift of God and all gifts of God must be received by faith, 2 Tim. 2:25; Rev. 2:21; Rom. 10:17. And we can’t receive faith for repentance until we hear a Word of chastening, (reproof). David, a man after God’s own heart, prayed for reproof (chastisement) and he taught his son, Solomon, the importance of this, and to do the same, Psa. 141:5; Pvb.1:23; 6:23; 13:8; 15:5, 31, 32; 17:10; 19:25; 25:12, 15; (Isa. 11:1-5).
     My Beloved Brother Loren, please observe the above references and keep them in mind as you hear The Word The Lord has given me for you, that you might receive Him with gladness. I was at the Camp meeting yesterday (24 March) at the 7:00 pm service. In that meeting while you were receiving the offering you said there was a “spirit of giving” present. Please search the Scriptures! (See attached sheets on “spirit” word search). There is no such thing as a “spirit of giving.” You also mentioned a “spirit of Jezebel.” Again, there is no such “spirit” in The Scriptures. A little, little,
little, little, little leaven leavens the whole lump. This lump happens to be The Bride of Christ and He does not take kindly to those who would spot Her garment with flesh, especially so near to the wedding feast. Brother Larson, I am a minister of The Gospel and I make mistakes, and I am very appreciative when someone catches my mistakes so that I don’t get off track from The Word of God. God judges us by the intent of our hearts in reference to His Word. No man can know the intent of our hearts in regard to mishandling God’s Word, but regardless of the good intent of our hearts in ignorantly mishandling God’s Word, if we err from The Word and that mistake continues uncorrected it will cause great difficulties for the child of God, up to and including the loss of life and eternal damnation. And if that child of God is a minister of The Gospel, there can be extremely dire and catastrophic consequences for hurting the sheep of The Lord’s Pasture in addition to the great difficulties from erring from The Word: especially when He sends His Word to correct and that Word is cast aside as dung, because the delivery vessel is judged and not The Word, which the vessel delivers. I beg of you for your own sake and for those to whom you minister to, to give this Word (and any Word) due diligence in quiet time with The Lord and Scripture study before you cast it out, Acts 17:10-12. If it is from The Lord and you cast “it” out, you will be casting out The King of Glory. He can and will use whomever He pleases to use even the simple and the children so that no flesh will be glorified and no man lifted up, Pvb. 1:32; Jer. 49:20; 1 Cor. 1:26-29. The Father is not willing that we should learn from the school of hard knocks so He sends us chastisement to correct our pathway before the hard knocks come. Please hear me out, hard knocks are just ahead if you don’t repent.
     My dear Beloved Brother, The Word of The Lord came to me to tell you that He was not behind, with, or involved in that offering that was taken up on 24 March at 7:00 PM. There was “a” spirit present during that offering all right, but it was not “The” Holy Spirit, nor was it “a spirit of giving.” It was a “
spirit of the world” or some other evil or foul spirit. Brother, I lost my Salvation in a prosperity preaching “church of the world,” and that offering made me think I was back in that church that robbed me of my Salvation and stole my money for devil worship. The ends do not justify the means. If we strive unlawfully the whole is thrown out as corrupt including the proper and right end, 2 Tim. 2:5. And while I am behind JSM and Family Worship Center 100% (with everything I have) because the message of the cross is the right message and the only message that saves (the ends), that does not justify stooping to the ways of the world church to finance it (the means). Please listen to the enclosed tapes on Biblical Giving 1-6, The Lord impressed upon me to send. God does not need money (filthy lucre) from the people; He needs their hearts. My God is The Great God Jehovah, He does not need money. He created all things by His Word. He raised me from the dead by His Word. He cured me of liver cancer by His Word. He parted the Red Sea, and He made a Holy Body of Saints out of sinners like you and me by the death of His Word and His shed Blood at Calvary. He did not need money to do any of this. All He needed was an obedient heart to The Father’s Will. If we don’t tell the people of the message of the cross, they can’t have “The Faith” to give all of their hearts, all of their souls, all of their minds and all of their strength to God. And while I do take offerings and I do believe they are a valid part of a service, I do not believe this particular offering, by this particular spirit, at this particular time (and length of time) was from God, but in fact from an evil spirit. While this demonic offering was taking place, it shoved The Word of God to the side (that could have given the people “The Faith” to give all), and effectively eliminated Him from the service that night. There is a place and time, (and length of time), for everything.
Holy Offering     We become Servants of Jesus Christ with the promise of pain and suffering not well financed ministries that never lack. Observe the enclosed photo from a fellow (Evangelist) Servant in Somalia. He has never “taken up” an offering from the people, he says because they don’t have anything to give. (Whatever The Lord directs that is not contrary to His Word is correct). Some Muslims tried to pay him to stop preaching, (they feared him because of the anointing of God upon him). He refused. Then other more devout (i.e. more demonic) Muslims heard of the other Muslims offering him money to stop preaching and they were outraged. They gathered up their (demonic) forces, severely beat and chastised those that offered him money to stop preaching and they came to him and demanded that he stop preaching the gospel and demanded that he pay them a tribute to
Allah. He refused again, so they cut off his feet. As soon as his wounds were healed he crawled on his hands and knees for miles to go and preach “The Gospel of The Kingdom” to the surrounding villages. One day someone heard the message and got saved and gave him his donkey. The donkey was all he had and the only means of his livelihood. That man was a Muslim. This is a picture taken of a HOLY offering given from a willing heart after having heard “The Gospel of The Kingdom” empowered by The Holy Ghost. Please note that he has clothes and obviously has been eating (he is alive), 1 Tim. 6:8. Count the cost Brother Loren before you continue on following Christ as this Evangelist is following Christ. Woe (eternal damnation) is unto us if we preach not this gospel, 1 Cor. 9:16. I have been preaching this Glorious Gospel of The Kingdom on radio for seven years now and have received only ONE offering from people who have heard the message there, and that one has become a monthly partner. He also has become a minister of The Gospel. What does money have to do with anything? Jesus Christ did not come to take up offerings. He came to teach and to preach The Gospel of The Kingdom, Mk. 1:14-15, 38; Matt. 4:23; 9:35; 11:2-6; 24:14; Lk. 4:18-19; 7:20-23; 9:1-6, telling them that they have to lose all of their lives’ in order to find Eternal Life. Brother Loren, it is obvious to me that you were not moving in the discerning of spirits while you were taking up the offering or you would have seen and known that you were empowered by worldly devils commissioned to expire the time allotted to teach and to preach The Gospel of The Kingdom that Saves and changes hearts and lives making them “willing to give all from their hearts.” Because you were not moving in the discernment of spirits, you could not see or know that while you were putting money in 1st place, devils that were conjured up from our idol worship were moving upon and coercing the people to give (and not The Holy Spirit); thereby polluting and defiling the HOLY offering and turning the HOLY offering into an abomination and stench in God’s Nostrils, Isa. 1:11-31; Mal. 3:2-10. Another thing that happens while the gospel is not being preached is that other gods are subtly substituted for The Great God Jehovah. This allows devils to enter in with their worldly doctrines: leaven creeps in and all sorts of “things” take the place of The Gospel such as the so called “fire of God” emotional experience spreading through the churches right now, which is satan’s counterfeit to the real revival that will come, if we forsake not The Way of The Lord. Please see enclosed letter to another brother concerning this “fire of God,” which is not from God. Brother Loren, one day I was watching a Benny Hinn service on TV and the unction of The Holy Spirit inside of me was telling me something was wrong. I asked The Holy Spirit what it was, as I did not see what was wrong in the “healing service.” He asked me what was being preached. And then it dawned on me – nothing was being preached. The Bible was never opened! The Lord said the healings were not from Him, but in fact were demonic, Rev. 16:13-14. Brother Larson, what was being preached on 24 March at the 7:00 PM service? Brother Loren, every wind of false doctrine is allowed to creep in if The Gospel of The Kingdom is not given its proper place, Mk. 1:14-15, 38; Matt. 4:23; 9:35; 11:2-6; 24:14; Lk. 4:18-19; 7:20-23; 9:1-6; 1 Cor. 1:17-21. Please be very, very careful. We are living in perilous times.
     Brother Loren, The Word of The Lord came to me and instructs me to confront you concerning your lifting up of Brother Jimmy Swaggart as an “Apostle,” (an “Apostolic voice” were your words).; and this lifting up of Brother Swaggart just so happened to be while you were under the influence of this “spirit of giving.” Ask Brother Swaggart if God has called him to be an Apostle. “Evangelist” in on the magazine! He starts the radio programs off with “Hello neighbor this is “Evangelist” Jimmy Swaggart…” The Lord has already sent you a Word through me concerning this issue. It seems you did not receive it, or else you received it and counted it as not from God and therefore not worthy to be heeded –casting it away as dung. I warn you to judge this Word sent to you by The Holy Spirit through “The Faith” in the cross. The consequences are ETERNAL –
satan is not playing games.
     Brother Loren, when I first started in the ministry The Lord was beginning to use me in the prophetic and because of this, some people started calling me a prophet. Through some visions and experiences in the school of hard knocks, The Lord rebuked me sternly and said not to let anyone call me what He has not called me. He told me that He called me to be a “Soldier of The Cross.” He said that He would use me in any of the offices, but not to let anyone call me what He has not called me. I took this to heart. I ask you again. What has God “called” Jimmy Swaggart? And I ask you to take this Word to heart and stop calling Brother Swaggart what God has not called him lest you too enroll in hard knock university. Brother Swaggart is nothing until God calls him to that service. If you keep lifting up the man “Jimmy Swaggart” and “the gift,” his blood will be upon your hands as you will guarantee his fall and you will fellowship with
devils in the process, which are behind every idol, 1 Cor. 10:19-22. Not only will you be responsible for killing the man and the gift, but by stopping up the well of revelation in the Evangelist gift, you will stop the great revival (that is coming) for everybody else, Gen. 26:15. And the blood of all who do not hear the message of the cross in the power of The Holy Spirit and get saved through the Evangelist gift will be upon your head, because of your flesh works. And the blood of all the Holy Apostles and Holy Prophets, and the blood of all of the slain upon the earth will be upon your head too, Rev. 18:20, 24. And all of the righteousness which you (Christ in you) has done will not be remembered, Ezek. 3: 20-21. At this late hour I don’t believe the Holy Ghost will allow you to stop the revival. In other words, I believe if you do not repent now, He will take you out for the benefit of all the others. If Jimmy Swaggart is properly crucified with Christ, it is none of Jimmy Swaggart and all of The Risen Lord in Jimmy Swaggart empowered by The Holy Spirit and God’s Magnificent, Marvelous Grace, Grace, Wonderful Grace afforded to Brother Jimmy as he places all of his faith in the cross with an incumbent death of self. It is The Risen Christ working through Jimmy Swaggart as Jimmy Swaggart is put to death daily through “The Faith” in the cross, Rom. 6:7. To be more specific: it is The Father’s Will doing the works through The Word (Jesus) that Brother Jimmy receives from The Holy Ghost empowered by The Holy Ghost in the atmosphere of Grace which Jimmy Swaggart walks in as he keeps his faith in the cross and a death of self. If Jimmy Swaggart is lifted up in any way, shape, form or fashion then Christ is barred from working through the expression of the vessel that is Jimmy Swaggart. If The Risen Christ is barred (by law) from working through Jimmy Swaggart, then He can not draw all men unto Himself and Jimmy Swaggart will then be used as a pawn by the spirit of the antichrist to draw all men to the antichrist, who is about to appear on the scene. The Power of The Holy Ghost will depart and the power of the spirit of antichrist will fill the void and hijack the message of the cross making a counterfeit of it. Brother Loren, it can not be otherwise, because of the law of The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus and the law of sin and death. If there is no Holy Spirit present [because we have driven Him off by lifting up flesh], then He can not empower The Word in us to accomplish The Will of The Father. We can know The Father’s Will and have His Word and still fall short without holiness by death of self. We are not holy because we have The Word abiding in us. We are not holy because we know The Father’s Will. We are holy because we believe that we are dead, (Rom. 6:7), and Christ Who is HOLY lives in and through us only to do The Will of The Father, Rom. 8:2. If you want to glory in anything, glory in the cross and keep your body under [the ground buried with Christ] lest after preaching the proper message (the ends) you yourself be made a castaway and burn in hell forever, 1 Cor. 1:31; 9:27; Gal. 1:24. If we are not dead, (Rom. 6:7) by “The Faith,” then we are not holy, and The Holy Spirit will not and can not move because of a spiritual law, Rom. 8:2 Therefore, even a work that started out (authored) in The Spirit, Who delivered The Word (The Lord Jesus) from The Father to do His Will through us; that work can be rendered into a dead work, if flesh is lifted up (from the dead) barring The Holy Spirit from moving in His power. To lift up a man, is to kill Christ in that man, because the power of The Holy Spirit is cut off from The Risen Christ in him when flesh is lifted up; and The Risen Christ in him lives only to do The Will of The Father, Jn. 4:34. If The Risen Christ in him can not do The Will of The Father, because He has no power from The Holy Spirit to do it, then He will starve to death, withering up and dying in that man rendering the man unholy and cutting him off from God. You may intend to love Jimmy Swaggart and honor him by lifting him up, but in the spirit realm you are killing him, along with all the Holy Apostles and Holy Prophets. The thing you want to do, you can not do; but the thing you don’t want to do, you are continually doing, Rom. 7:15-24. Loren, Loren, why are you persecuting me. Brother Loren, The Lord would say to you, “My son, I AM God Almighty. I don’t need your money or anybody else’s money,” “I AM Alpha; I AM Omega; I AM The Captain and Lord of Host; take off your shoes in My presence; you are standing on Holy ground, and let Me wash your feet from the ways of the world.” “Give Me all of your heart and come and sit down with Me in heavenly places.”
     Brother Loren, (hopefully unbeknownst to you), you have become an agent of
satan inside the message of the cross: and I can not judge you or your motives or intent. All I can do is admonish you that you have erred from “The Faith,” and pray for you and tell you what The Lord gives me to tell you. I had a Son-Life CD entitled “Cross,” which was anointed of God to a point. That point is where an ignorant or willing ignorantly vessel of satan gets up and says “I don’t mean to lift up a man in any way, shape, form, or fashion, but we are experiencing men of God humbling themselves…” The anointing is quenched right there at that point and The Holy Spirit flees the house. The Holy Spirit will not abide where flesh is glorified. I had to throw the CD away. The “thing” you don’t mean to do is the exact “thing” which you continue to do, Rom. 7:19. Continue not heeding this Word and you will see all of Jimmy Swaggart’s goodness, and gifts and calling are as filthy rags without the power and Grace of The Holy Spirit of Grace, Who you are driving away with your idolatry and witchcraft. Brother Loren, you have erred from “The Faith,” not in what you teach and believe, but in what you do, (not living crucified), Jas. 2:14-26. Can that kind of faith save you? You are lifting up a man and your demonic offerings taken up for “the man” and “the gift” are leading the people into fornication with devils, not unlike the sexual orgies at the Ashtaroth poles in the Old Testament. The Lord would say to you: Loren, Loren, why are you persecuting ME. Consider this, Brother Loren: all of the heathen in the world have a gift and calling in Christ Jesus, Eph. 2:10. What makes the difference, between them and Jimmy Swaggart or you or me? Grace, Grace, Wonderful, Marvelous, Magnificent Grace; Grace that we receive by “The Faith” after hearing The Gospel of The Kingdom! Preach The Gospel Brother Loren, and let The Holy Spirit take care of the offerings.
     There is no gift of Holy Apostle and Holy Prophet in the church today, because most of them have been killed with religious witchcraft and sorcery. They are not in the church, because we don’t like to hear what they have to say, and we tend to form and fashion our own Apostles and Prophets out of what we have available, thereby committing idolatry and fornicating with
devils, Rev. 2:2; 1 Cor. 10:19-21. There are no Holy Apostles and Holy Prophets in the church, because they are not allowed in with The Words of reproof and chastisement they are sent with, which gives faith for the gift of repentance, because most love the darkness (their our way) more than The Light (God’s Way of the cross and complete and total death and surrender). The Holy Apostles and Holy Prophets haven’t taken the course on how to win friends and influence people, but they did stay at a Holiday Inn Happy Face. And The Holy Spirit of Grace was there at that Inn pouring in the oil and the wine on the wounds they received from devils conjured up and sent forth out of the house of their friends while they were busy worshipping and serving devils at “their” church, (dens of thieves and robbers).
     You mentioned getting a “
spirit of Jezebel” out of the church which does not exist. And if it did exist you would be inviting it in the church and putting it on Brother Swaggart when he begins to “call himself an Apostle.” by lifting him up as an Apostle - (she called herself a prophetess), Rev. 2:20. And while you beat the air at this non-existent spirit, the spirit of slumber and the spirit of deep sleep have slipped up on you and your spiritual eyes and ears have been put out and your spiritual vision is scaled over, which turns you into a teacher and seducer of The Lord’s Servants: teaching them to make and worship their own gods (Apostles) out of whatever they have available; and seducing them to commit fornication with the devils you have prostituted yourself to for money, 1 Cor. 10:19-21; 2 Jn. 1:9-10. As they give to the idol (devil) you have fashioned (conjured up) according to the way you have taught them; they are sacrificing to devils and become one (fornicate) with the devils they sacrifice to and fellowship with, Rev. 2:20; 1 Cor. 10:19-21. The people taught to give by demonic coercion can not drink of The Lord’s cup in The Holy Spirit through a HOLY offering, because The HOLY Spirit is no where near where flesh is lifted up. We can not drink of The Lord’s presence and of the devil’s in unholy offerings. Brother Loren, The Lord’s table, (the message of the cross), is defiled by unholy offerings coerced by devils. The ends do not justify the means. REPENT!
     Brother Loren, I have presented before you life in this Word of reproof and He has presented to you death if you continue on “your” pathway in rebellion to The Word. To disobey a Word of reproof and not execute the fierce wrath of God against the flesh to put it to death in repentance by “The Faith” received in this Word is to become an enemy of God and have His fierce wrath turned against you, 1 Pet. 4:17.
     One last thing Brother Loren, while in prayer for you and after The Word of The Lord came to me, I saw a vision of you on a platform and another minister on the platform beckons you to come receive something The Lord has for you. You came over to him and he instructed you to shake his right hand with your right hand. You reached out your hand to shake his and while you were shaking his hand your fingers grew back. Then the minister said that The Lord told him to ask you if you wanted any more, and that there were plenty more where those came from. You laughed thinking it was a joke and you said no thank you 5 is enough. The minister then replied to you, that The Lord said that was a selfish answer, and that there were plenty more people that were missing fingers. Praise The Lord! This, I think, is a rehearsal delivered by The Protocol Agent (The Holy Spirit) before The King of Glory arrives so that He won’t embarrass you. Who is this King of Glory? The LORD strong and mighty, The LORD mighty in battle, Psa. 24:8. Love you, Brother, keep The Faith.

     In the service of The Master,
     Love in Christ,

     Rev. Daniel K. Hathorn




From: Matthew Tuttle []
Sent: Monday, May 18, 2009 8:34 PM
Subject: Loren Larson

I saw your disgusting letter to Brother Larson, you ought to be ashamed of yourself!! I have been a follower of JSM for almost 30 years!! The bible says follow me as I follow Christ, Brother Loren is following Christ and is preaching the right message, which is Christ and him Crucified!! You better be careful and leave him alone!!

Touch not mine anointed!!

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Matthew Tuttle
Go Rangers!




Sent: Monday, May 19, 2009, at 5:03 AM
To: Matthew Tuttle []
Subject: RE: Loren Larson

Why should I be ashamed? Jesus took my shame on the cross and I died there with Jesus by "The Faith"! How can a dead man be ashamed? What is disgusting to flesh is pleasing to my Father. What is disgusting to my Father to the point of puking is the way Lauren has been lifting Bro. Jimmy (who is supposed to be dead) up to be some kind of little god and his perversions of my Father's HOLY offerings. What is disgusting to me is that no one there at JSM has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to these perversions. I have been a follower of JSM for many years also and it grieves my heart to see ministers err and no one in the ministry stand up and confronts their errors, being perfectly content to see them go to hell. Lauren may be preaching the right message, but he is not following Christ when he lifts another man up as an idol like he was doing to Bro. Jimmy. If Lauren really believed the message he is preaching and Bro. Jimmy is really living the message, Lauren would know that it has nothing to do with Bro. Jimmy, nor does he have anything to glory in because by "The Faith" Bro. Jimmy is DEAD; but it has ALL to do with Christ and Bro. Jimmy crucified with Christ, Gal. 2:20. In lifting up Bro. Jimmy, Lauren opened up the door for the devil to attack both Bro. Jimmy and himself. The Word says call NO MAN your "father", Matt. 23:9. Is Lauren right or The Word? Who is The Head of The Church anyway? The Living Word, or Bro. Jimmy? Let God be True and every man a liar, Rom. 3:4. In lifting up Bro. Jimmy as a "spiritual father", Bro. Lauren is "DENYING" The Father and opening up the door to the spirit of antichrist stealing "The Son" from him, 1 Jn. 2:22. If Lauren does not have The Son, he can preach the "right" message all he wants and not be able to LIVE the message and end up in hell in the end (and leading all those that blindly "follow" a man and not The Living Word), Matt. 7:21-23. Jesus LIVING IN us IS our LIFE my dear Brother, and if we are not DEAD by "The Faith" then He CAN NOT LIVE His LIFE in us and through us transforming us into His image, by His very LIFE within, Rom. 8:2; 12:2. If one denies The Father they are also denying The Son - They are ONE. How long do you think that Lauren can continue to lift up Bro. Jimmy and have The Son? And while Lauren is lifting Bro. Jimmy up as an idol, he is opening the door for the spirit of antichrist to ENTER Bro. Jimmy because behind EVERY IDOL there is a devil, 1 Cor. 10:19-21. Bro. Jimmy can not have fellowship with God and devils. As long as Bro. Jimmy steals God's Glory as Father, he can not have fellowship with The Father, Who he is in competition with! Lauren's lifting Bro. Jimmy up is GUARANTEEING his fall. Who loves Bro. Jimmy and Bro. Lauren more? The one who has the courage to stand up to them and tell them they are wrong when they have clearly erred from Scriptures, or the one who says nothing and blindly follows them? You had better be careful and open up your spiritual eyes before it is too late. Touch not my anointed does not apply to one that is not following Christ and is stealing God's Glory (not being crucified themselves - how can a dead man steal God's Glory). None of us has our OWN "anointing". ALL the "anointing" belongs to JESUS and ALL Body Members "receive" HIS "anointing" when we get saved, 1 Jn. 2:27. The more we DIE daily, the more "anointing" we have, because more of Jesus is being LIVED out by our faith being in our baptism of death, Eph. 4:5; Rom. 6:3. That is another problem Bro. Jimmy, Bro. Lauren and Bro. Donnie have: they have become too big for their britches and can't receive words of correction from anyone that is "below" them. They do not recognize the "anointing" in mere mortal laity Body members. My dear Brother, we are to be subject one to another, 1 Pet. 5:5. That means I am to be subject to The Word of God in you, just as you are to be subject to The Word of God in me. We do not have to be subject to foolishness - we have to discern The Word and the "anointing". The Word is The Head of The Church. When we are not subject one to another we cut The Head off (and His "anointing" goes with Him) and we end up with men lifted up as heads, man's programs, man's religions, etc. that have NO "anointing" because He (THE Anointed ONE) is not in those things. He (The Anointed ONE) is LIVING IN the hearts of those that have LOST their life by "The Faith" that they DIED on the cross with The Anointed ONE. Bro's Jimmy, Lauren and Donnie say they believe that the Apostle and Prophet offices have not been done away with, but they do not "believe" it. They do not want to hear what the prophet has to say when it comes to "correction", Amos. 2:11-12; Isa. 30:10. They have absolutely no discernment of the "anointing" of the prophet of God that brings them Words of Life in reproofs and they call them of "satan". This is one of the main reasons for the financial woes of the ministry, and it will continue until they humble themselves and they learn to recognize the "anointing" of Jesus, The Head of The Church, in "other" Body Members and "subject" themselves to The Word, Who is The Head of The Church, that is IN "other" Body Members. Brother Matthew, if you care anything about Bro. Jimmy, Donnie and Lauren, and you really love them and are not just a yellow bellied bag of wind you will pass this along to them. I have attached some samples of my (The Lord's in me) sermons on the radio to let you see where my stand of faith is. Be careful how you handle the "anointing" in these sermons. God is not winking at your ignorance any more. He is COMMANDING Repentance. Please pass these along as well. (See “The One True Gospel” Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.)
Love in Christ,
Rev. Daniel


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