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Redemption Ground Bible Church
Bishop Moses O. Adesina

               20 June, 2007               



     Dear Brother Jimmy,

     This is Rev. Daniel K. Hathorn of Redemption Ground Bible Church called by The Will of God and Jesus Christ to be a Soldier of the cross of Christ to prepare a Holy Bride for Her soon coming King by His commandment. And I am writing to you, Brother Swaggart, as prompted by The Lord. I pray that The Grace and Peace, Mercy and Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ would be multiplied to you exponentially in these last days and that The Holy Spirit would quicken your mortal body to finish your race even stronger than your start like Caleb: “
satan, GIVE ME MY MOUNTAIN”, Josh. 14:10-12. My Dear Beloved Brother, The Lord has given me another Word for you that is of utmost importance and urgency, because of the hour we are living in. I pray that you will have the patience to hear me out, especially since I feel it necessary to preface The Word that I have been given for you with some of my background and testimony of The Holy Spirit and witness of The Risen Christ working in and through me. I feel it is necessary to give this testimony and witness, because I have sent a Word to you before and I fear that you have cast it out as dung (to your own undoing), or you have improperly misjudged it as coming from some crack pot, or you are just too busy to pay attention to it. I have enclosed the offering (which is a big stretch for me) as directed by The Lord for two reasons: 1) to let you know that I am not against you, I am for Jesus Christ, and I believe in “the message of the cross.” My giving is to sow “The Message”, not the messenger, Mk. 4:14. And 2) to merit the dignity of a response from you to at least acknowledge that you received The Word, (whether you accept it or not). I have no way of knowing except by The Spirit that you received the last Word that He gave me to give to you. Since I don’t know if you received the last correspondence or not and since this Word hinges off of the last Word, I will include a copy of it with this one. Brother Jimmy, either you never received the previous Word, you were just too busy to reply, or you incorrectly judged The Word and the messenger of that Word as not worthy of your time to respond to. Brother Jimmy, my greatest concern and business is that you receive The Word The Lord has given me to give to you. The other two possibilities are not the business of my Father of which I will be held accountable to, they are yours. Although I will not be accountable for you not judging The Word correctly, it does however concern me and cause me great pain and anguish thinking that you may stumble and fall and go to hell for all eternity because the messenger made mistakes or erred in the way The Word was delivered that caused the misjudgment. For this reason I am giving my background and witness of Christ in my Life in preface to giving this Word The Lord has given me to give to you in an attempt to do all that I can to prevent you from casting out The Word due to my errors in delivery, my frailties and my unworthiness for such a task. Please bear with me and hear me out in patience and try to separate The Word delivered from the messenger. If this messenger does bear precious seeds from heaven, your mishandling The Word and His messenger shall have deadly eternal consequences. I pray The Father would anoint me to speak forth His Oracles as The Holy Spirit gives me utterance. And I pray that He would anoint your ears to hear what The Holy Spirit has to say and that He would send forth faithful laborers to confirm and water the seeds sown today and that it would bring forth 30, 60 & 100 fold fruits of righteousness in The Kingdom of God to the praise and Glory of God Almighty. Amen!
     Brother Swaggart, I don’t know where you are with The Lord concerning your understanding of receiving Word’s from Body members, or on Repentance, so I find it a duty commensurate to my calling to teach a little concerning these subjects, which are paramount for you to understand in order to receive the following Word.
     The first one to tackle is the one of pride that may well up in the breast of one that is well known and much more scripturally knowledgeable than most others (including this messenger) when they hear a Word (especially chastisement) presented to them from someone considered “beneath” them, or “unlearned and ignorant”. It is God’s system of checks and balances to keep the cancer of pride (the parasite of big headed fools) out of His Body. We are to submit to “The Word” in one another as if we were ONE BODY having ONE HEAD, and in a marriage covenant with The Head, Jesus Christ; Eph. 5:21. Pride is a barrier and resistance, or roadblock and repellant to “The Grace” necessary to receive “The Word”, Jas. 4:6. We can not just “receive” “a Word from God” when we want to, or from whom we want it to come from, or of our own understanding or knowledge of Scripture, 1 Cor. 2:14; (although we judge Words given by The Scriptures, still we can not even “rightly divide” Scripture without “The Spirit of Grace”, Who is blocked by pride according to law, Rom. 8:2; Jas. 4:6). It takes just as much inspiration (or more) from “The Spirit of Grace” for one to receive “a Word” from God as it took for the holy men of old to receive and write down The Word from God, The Holy Spirit. This is why ignorance in receiving Words (especially chastisement, which yields godly sorrow and repentance); and not discerning The Body (“The Word” in The Body), 1 Cor. 11:29, (even Body Members which may have been used of the devil, Matt.16:15-25); and swelling up in pride when a Word is received is deadly (eat and drink damnation to himself, 1 Cor. 11:27), and guarantee’s a fall, it is according to the law, (The Holy Spirit is blocked by pride, Rom. 8:2; Jas. 4:6). As long as pride remains concerning receiving Words from “The Body,” The Holy Spirit of Grace is blocked from helping us through that Word and a fall is inevitable, (it will happen eventually), Jas. 4:6; Pvb. 16:18.
     It is an Eternal Imperative to receive all Words given to us “as from God” with meekness and humility, (Jas. 1:19-21), because The Word is a package deal. If we do not discern The Word IN The Body and we reject a Word that really is from God, then we also reject The Spirit of Grace and His grace to receive The Word; and we reject the illumination of The Word that would bring us out of our darkness (deception) (that we most times don’t know we are in); and we reject The Will of The Father and His gift of repentance. And when we finally do enter into the vortex of the renewed passions and awakened motions of sin that have us heading toward the fall that is inevitable, we will have no power to stop or turn around (repent) although we cry out to God with earnest passions and sincere sorrow and tears for His help, Heb. 12:17, because we rejected the “gift” of repentance, when we rejected The Word. And it won’t matter that we understand the way of victory and even preach it. We (Christ in us) have to live “The Way” of victory submitting ourselves to The Head. God sends help IN His WORD that must be accepted by “The Faith” (that I am dead and crucified with Christ; Gal. 2:20) and acted upon (obeyed; Jas 1:22-24; 2:17-20). Not discerning The Body (which we are to be assimilated into, becoming one = eat); and rejecting “The Spirit of the Word” (Who sanctifies and cleanses by The Blood = drink); when He, The Word, comes to reprove us (regardless of the messenger He chooses to use), makes us no better than Esau the fornicator and godless person who traded away spiritual things (unity of The Faith, and unity of The Spirit) for fleshly things, (we do the same not walking by “The Faith” in the sacrifice, we scorn and trade away spiritual Words of reproof counting them foolishness as we spiritually fornicate with
devils operating through our flesh and in our minds continuing to walk in the flesh, 1 Cor. 2:14; Eph. 5:26; 2 Cor. 5:7; 1 Thes. 3:8; Gal. 5:25).

     Brother Swaggart, if we reject a Word of reproof (our daily bread) and the packaged “gift of repentance” that comes in that Word, we can seek The Father’s repentance with “sincerity” and tears later and it will not come, because of the inevitability of the consequences of breaking the law of The Spirit of Grace by rejecting (despising) The Spirit of Grace Who was also IN The Word we rejected that The Father sent to chastise us in order to change our course of flesh away from the vortex of renewed motions of sin (deliver us from every evil), which by law will work in our members and will not stop ravaging us until we are stripped bare (naked) and are ashamed of every bit of pride and dignity and hope in anything except Christ alive IN us (doing ALL the works of God, Jn. 6:28-29) our only hope of glory, Col. 1:27-28. The cross APPLIED IN our lives mandates that our “only hope”(focus of our faith, Heb. 11:1) be The “Risen” Lord living HIS LIFE through us AS HE WILLS, WHEN HE WILLS, WHERE HE WILLS by “The Faith” (that we are DEAD = crucified with Him, Gal. 2:20), 2 Cor. 13:5; Rom. 7:5. It is the LAW of FAITH, and excludes our boasting in ANYTHING except our death with Christ, Rom. 3:27. If we boast in anything else but our death with Christ, we are forgetting what manner of man our sin nature was (Rom. 7:18), which had no power to serve Christ (Rom. 7:19-21), but only
satan, and with our boast we are deceiving ourselves into thinking “we” can now (with the proper message) accomplish all things “for” Christ, (just like Word of Faith sorcerers), Rom. 6:17; Jn. 6:28-29; Jas. 1:22-23. How can a dead man DO anything? It is only Christ ALIVE IN us under “the law of The Spirit of Life” that can DO anything and then only under the perfect law of liberty (The Faith). Outside of the law of The Spirit of Life IN Christ Jesus, and the perfect law of liberty (empowering The Risen Christ inside to DO the work) there is nothing good in us (no not one) and no power to DO anything good, Rom. 7:18; Matt. 19:17. If we boast in anything but death with Christ, we are opening the casket for the old man’s resurrection (by boasting that he [sin nature] accomplished thus and so), and at the same time we are crucifying Christ afresh. Our faith and boast can not be in our “knowledge” of Scripture or even in our “revelation” of “the way of victory” in the cross, and especially not that our study Bible is “error free”. Our faith must ONLY be in the death of self with Christ (daily, hourly, minutely, secondly), which ALONE yields a hope of The Glory of Christ ALIVE in us living His LIFE through us, which IS our Eternal Life, Lk. 9:23. If we can’t stay on track with this One Faith when no miracles are being done giving ALL glory to God and boasting only in our death with Christ, what great wickedness would we work with miracles being performed, Matt. 7:22-23? Boasting in anything else but our death with Christ proves that the cross is not APPLIED IN our lives and we are in need of REPENTANCE, Rom. 3:27. In the final 7 years of the Church ALL believers will work miracles, yet not the believers but The Risen Christ IN the believers through The Faith, Jn. 14:12; Jn. 6:28-29; Gal. 2:20. And if one does not work the miracles then all will know they are not believers.
     Without the cross of Christ applied in our lives we can preach the right message (the One Faith) promoting unity of The Faith in The Body of Christ and still go to hell, because we preach it with the wrong spirit promoting contention of spirit with others preaching the same faith. It is not the preaching or hearing the right gospel that gets us to heaven, but it is the doing of it (applying it) or abiding in Him (=Christ alive in us doing it our hope of glory), Matt. 7:21; 2 Jn. 1:9; 1 Jn. 2:17; Col. 1:27. If we do not properly apply “The Faith” in our lives so that The Risen Christ alone lives, and God The Father alone gets all the glory, we will preach the right message insincerely with a spirit of envy, strife and contention with a self aggrandization agenda, which will add affliction to The Body of Christ’s bonds promoting division among those of the same faith and not unity of The Spirit, Phili. 1:15-17; Eph. 4:3, 12-13. Without the cross of Christ applied in our lives, it is impossible to love or promote anything or anybody except “self”. That is what preaching the right message with contention is all about – the promotion of self and the stealing of God’s glory. And The Holy Spirit will have none of it. This is a good representation of the 5 wise virgins and the 5 foolish virgins. The 5 wise preach and live the message, and the 5 foolish preach the message but don’t live it. Jesus said of the Scribes and Pharisees which sought promotion of self – do what they say, but don’t do what they do, for they say and do not except to be seen of men and be called spiritual fathers, Matt. 23:2-12. Not applying the message of the cross in our lives is also at the core of not discerning The Body. Not applying the cross in our lives makes us unworthy to partake of The Lord’s presence which comes in the midst where two or more are gathered IN His Name, 1 Cor. 11:27; Matt. 18:20.
     God The Father has a TIME and a SPACE for repentance, and it comes to us IN the Space of His Word of reproof at the Time He presents The Word of reproof. The Father will not continue to offer repentance, while His Word of reproof and His messenger is scorned, Pvb. 1:22; 3:34; 13:1; 15:12. If we reject The Father’s final Time and Space for repentance, it will not come around again until by His Grace (which was offered IN the original Word) He sends it again IN the same Word humbly and meekly accepted this time and received by “The Faith” (that we are dead = crucified), AFTER that we are stripped and laid bare in shame, Isa. 20:3-6; 22:17-19; 30:1-8; 47:1-3; Jer. 3:20-25; 13:21-27; 23:34-40; 46:9-12. If we reject The Father’s final offer of repentance in The Word of reproof He sends us, (not discerning Him, not obeying Him – not allowing Him to live it) we will be deceived into stepping outside of the “perfect law of liberty,” which gives us the liberty (freedom) to OBEY. If we forget that we have NO POWER in ourselves to OBEY The Word outside of this “perfect law of liberty” (the law of faith in the cross – unto death of self, Gal. 2:20), we are destined to find out again what manner of man we were without any freedom to OBEY, Rom. 7:14-17; Jas. 1:22-25. Once we enter the vortex of the motions of sin renewed, having rejected and scorned all reproofs, all of our knowledge and understanding of the cross as the way of victory, and all of our preaching of the cross (though it be the right message) will not save us from the law of sin and death stripping us bare of all pride and turning all of our works and ministries into wood, hay and stubble and causing great reproach to The Name of Jesus Christ, because we didn’t DO the message, (allow The Risen Christ to Live in us). And if we still refuse to accept the original Word of reproof and refuse to repent by His Grace IN The Word delivered and permit Christ to live the message, then our lives will be flushed down into the pits of hell in flames of shame and we will put The Son of God to an open shame, Heb. 6:6. If Christ alive IN us is not “The Doer” of The Word through us by “The Faith” (that we are dead by crucifixion), then we will deceive ourselves into thinking we can do some good “with” Him and forget that apart from Him doing it all we can do nothing; and we will step outside of “the perfect law of liberty” and into the law of sin and eternal death just carrying around our faith in the cross as a talisman, no different than the religious witchcraft of Word of Faith camp’s faith in faith itself, Jas. 1:22-25; Jn. 15:5. Lie: You can boast in all “your” accomplishments after all with faith in the cross you shall be as gods, knowing how to DO good and avoid evil. Sounds like Gen. 3:5.
     All messengers of “The Word” are just presenters or vessels of “The Word” and not “The Word”. A lot of misjudgment of “The Word” presented is due to the inability to distinguish between “The Word” and the deliverer of The Word, (The Treasure and the pot of clay), or misjudgment is due to a tainting of The Word by inappropriate judgment of the presenter, which in reality is unbelief in God Almighty’s almighty ability and prerogative to use who or what He wants, when and how He wants, (Num. 22:28). We can not be “blessed” with “the grace to receive a Word” from a Body member, if we allow pride to stir up indignation in our hearts toward the vessel or presenter of The Word, Pvb. 15:12. It will cause us to also be “offended” by The Word, (the treasure), which comes out of the presenter (the earthen vessel), and we will not be “blessed” to receive the Excellency of the power of God in The Word to overcome sin or work miracles, etc., Matt. 11:6; 2 Cor. 4:7.
     Now Brother Swaggart, please bear with me as I preface The Word given to me for you and the ministry there in Baton Rouge by giving some of my background and testimony – it could be of eternal importance and most beneficial to you to bear with me in patience, if indeed this is a Word from God.
     I was raised up as a Catholic there in Baton Rouge off of Highland Road. As soon as I was able to understand anything, I knew that Catholicism was not real or right, (Jn. 1:9). I knew in my heart that it was doing me no good to confess my sins to a man that I could see was sinning himself. But I was forced to go to church by my parents as long as I was staying in their house. My mother was even making plans for me to be a priest. I was an altar boy for a short period of time, and saw what went on behind the scenes, which confirmed my feelings of the inappropriateness of confessing my sins to a man. The priest was a good man as far as lost men can be good, but he was a closet alcoholic. From what I saw the whole church scene was a staged play act, and soon as I left the house of my parents I bowed out of the church acting – it was not real to me nor did it have any power to change what I was inside. I soon found out (in retrospect) that the discipline of going to church, howbeit a false church, did exercise some restraint on my life. Without which, my life entered the vortex of unbridled passions in the motions of sin and my life took a long spiral dive into drugs, sex and the occult until at the age of 29 I died of a drug overdose. That night an angel appeared to my Catholic grandmother awakening her from sleep with an urgency to pray for Daniel. In the angels presence she instinctively knew that her rote Catholic prayers would not cut the mustard and she got on the phone with my Baptist grandmother who she knew had some power in her prayers that she did not have. God honored my Catholic grandmother’s grain of faith in Christ’s witness, and my Baptist grandmother’s prayers that night and raised me from the dead just as the gates of hell were about to open and swallow me up. You might say at that point that I was an indirect fruit of Christ’s ministry through you, Brother Swaggart, as my Baptist grandmother always had your TV programs on when we went to visit her. She used to always try to make us sit down and listen to you preach. But I had a bad taste in my mouth for “church,” and did not want anything to do with it. In spite of that, the music got my attention as it ushered a peace into the room that I was thirsty for in my life. I remembered my grandmother (from Lecompte near Alexandria) used to always brag on the “home boy” from just up the road who made it big for God. She would call me to record her witness of your music talent, which she said you didn’t sell out to the world as your cousins did. She said to mark her words that your music (God’s music in you) would still be around long after your big named cousin’s music was long gone and forgotten. I can testify to that and to the peace being in my wife’s uncle’s house. I was with my Brazilian wife (in 2001) in Rio de Janeiro visiting her uncle for the first time and he was constantly playing old 33 JSM records. The only English he knew was memorized from singing along with you. All the talent in the world means nothing without that peace that The Holy Spirit brings, and it was in that music. Why else would someone who can not understand the language of a record play it over and over again?
     Brother Swaggart, my death experience did not save me, nor did it break the chains binding me to the drugs, sex or the occult. The very next day I tried to do it all over again (because the yoke was not broken), but I could not get high on anything, (that lasted for several months). It frustrated me to the point of suicide. I think at the time that the only thing that kept me from suicide was the remembrance of the bone chilling hopelessness in the screams coming from the other side of the gates of hell, and the remembrance of that peace I experienced in my grandmother’s living room listening to the music The Lord gave you. I believe it might have been the remembrance of that peace that gave me a shred of hope and that hope set me out on a search for the source of that peace. I went to visit a cousin of mine that I had experienced that same peace in his home and he invited me to his church. A few short months later I was gloriously delivered and saved in a local Baptist church. From the first day of my new Life I had an insatiable hunger for more of God and His Word. And about six months later while visiting my girlfriends AOG church in Crowley, I was baptized in The Holy Spirit. Right after that baptism a 12 yr old boy prophesied over me about being a preacher and traveling all over the world, etc., etc., etc. My pea brained mind could not comprehend myself doing any of what he was prophesying so I put him off as some religious kook. Everything that boy prophesied has come to pass and/or is still coming to pass and I can see it now with the Mind of Christ. Immediately after the baptism of The Holy Spirit I started operating in various gifts of The Spirit, predominantly discerning of spirits. I also started discerning The Voice of The Holy Spirit and obeying. I learned early that disobedience to that Voice cut off His Voice and I cherished His Voice as a treasure, Ex. 19:5; 1 Sam. 15:35; 16:14; 28:6. The Holy Spirit directed me to move near my grandmother in Lecompte, LA to take care of her, which I did until she passed onto glory at the age of 97yrs. It was during this time that The Lord called me with an audible voice at a church night service. He audibly called my name three times and I resisted Him all three times. At the end of the church service I felt sick to my stomach for having rejected my Lord. After the church service I sat in the parking lot in my truck until everyone had left and I prayed to my Father asking Him to take out of me what ever it was in me that resisted Him. I asked Him to have His Holy Spirit slap me around or do what ever it took to get it out of me, because I did not want anything in my life preventing me from coming to Him. That was the simple prayer I prayed, and I started the drive home. On the way home I had an encounter with God, The Holy Spirit, in a baptism of tongues of fire like on the day of Pentecost. Smoke filled my truck and a tongue of fire came on my head. The base of the flame was like a funnel spout and it was filling me with what felt like water, but was in fact The Word of God. My mind seemed to be running like a fast video of Bible scenes as if I was actually walking with Jesus; all this happening while the water of The Word was being poured into me; and at the same time I was speaking in tongues like a machine gun; and at the same time I saw The Holy Spirit, Who looked like a man of glass, (1 Cor. 13:12). While all this was going on The Holy Spirit was chastising me for my unbelief, my treatment and judgment of fellow believers, and He dealt with the root of all my problems which was STUBBORN PRIDE. As The Water of The Word was pouring into my spirit in torrents (seemed like about 5 yrs of intense Bible study in an instant), The Holy Spirit was removing the obstacle blocking me from coming to God with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind and all my strength – STUBBORN FOOLISH PRIDE. As The Water of The Word was being poured in, the pride was welling up and coming out until it seemed to burst out of my chest. At that point I burst into uncontrollable deep heart rending sobs. When The Holy Spirit got done with me that night, I felt like a chitlin that had been wrung out, turned inside out, scraped out, and boiled out. I never felt so good, nor had I ever slept so good in all of my life. The next morning after prayer while in Bible study, The Holy Spirit directed me to go to a certain church to “train to be a Soldier.” I obeyed. After completing their 2 yr. Bible study courses I had another encounter with God. The non-denominational church I was attending had just recently broken away from AOG, before I arrived there, because they felt the AOG leadership in the district they were in were “departing from The Word,” as the pastor said. And the pastor’s main message was who we are IN Christ through identification with His death. He was on the right track when I first started attending (to train to be a Soldier). But during my tenure there, he started drifting astray from that message when he started getting hooked up with the Word of Faith crowd. The Lord gave me several Words for the pastor to turn him from this error, but he ignored them. And as I was called by God to go to this church and He had not spoken to me to depart from it, I stuck it out – praying for the man, but at the same time being corrupted by the man’s new messages or old messages tainted with a different spirit, (antichrist). That is until one day while sitting on the front row in the middle of the pastor’s sermon The Lord Jesus appeared to me in a vision, and I was naked and ashamed. Jesus came to me and I had to turn my head in shame, and He stooped down and washed my feet with His tears. Brother Swaggart, I was all tore up inside. I did not know how, nor could I comprehend how I could ever have lost my Salvation (robe of righteousness) and become naked. I thought (deceived) that I was “serving” The Lord. I thought (deceived) that all my deeds were pleasing to God. What a shock to have my eyes opened to reality. I went to a Wendy’s restaurant after church and I was crying to God and asking Him how it could have happened when I loved Him so much. The Holy Spirit stopped me in my sentence and told me “it is impossible to love anyone but self without faith in the cross”. It was there at that Wendy’s restaurant in 1997 that The Lord started pouring out to me the revelation of the cross. The starting point of my revelation of the cross began with the four pages of notes I wrote down right there. Since then The Lord has expounded upon that beginning greatly, (line upon line, precept upon precept). And The Lord’s ministry through you, Brother Swaggart, has been very instrumental in my growth and understanding of The Faith in the cross. Shortly after that encounter The Lord called me to preach and I joined with a missionary that The Lord sent form Nigeria to America and we started a church preaching the message of the cross: Redemption Ground Bible Church. From the get-go during the first year we experienced great battles, trials and tribulations. And the second year Bishop Moses (the Nigerian Pastor), got deported due to not properly attending to his visa requirements, and I was on my own with the church. The intensity of the battles increased and our membership dwindled to the point that I had to get a job. I had worked offshore in the oil field before and I went back there to work, as jobs were readily available. Brother Swaggart, words can not describe the feelings I felt and the comfort that came over me the first time I heard Son Life radio as I was passing through Baton Rouge on the way to work offshore. I had been kicked out of (some physically by ushers) more churches than I can care to remember; telling them in one way or the other that there gospels were all wrong. I could clearly see it and it was frustrating me that no one else could see it. I was beginning to be called names that you can’t even imagine. They were calling my gospel a “mess,” and a cause of “confusion.” They told me I was causing “discord among the brethren,” and when I started calling names of preachers preaching false doctrine as The Lord had directed me, they said I was “judging,” and “biting and devouring the brethren.” It was during this time that I lost my wife and my 4 children (by promise). And one of the preachers whose name I was calling out on my radio program, called me and spoke in a voice that was not his and said: we got your wife and you are next. I was becoming so discouraged, and had not one “friend” in The Lord after the death of my wife. All of my preacher friends started avoiding me like the plague. I was beginning to believe that all of them could not be wrong therefore I must be wrong – (deceived as before). This thinking especially came over me when The Lord gave me the message of the timing of the rapture to preach and sent an angel to me to tell me that The Bride would be ready in seven years. I falsely assumed he meant seven years from when he told me and so I was proclaiming that the rapture would be in 2005 (7yrs from when the angel told me). And so when 2005 came and went false prophet was added to the list of names they were calling me. (The Lord later clarified the 7 yrs that The Bride would be ready in is the final 7 year outpouring of The Holy Spirit, which will begin soon and not stop until the rapture). When it begins, it will be that 7 yrs that The Bride will get ready in, and once the outpouring starts you can count down 7 years and know when the rapture will be up to within about 40 days, (times and seasons, 1 Thes. 5:1). I was beginning to believe that I must be preaching the wrong message; after all I was a false prophet. I was beginning to feel like I had been transported to another planet or something. I was feeling discouraged, despondent, deceived, detached from The Body of Christ, and ready to give up and just go away to a dessert or a mountain somewhere far from any people. It was at this point when I first heard Son Life Radio. The mix of emotions that came over me at that instant can not be described or articulated. There was such joy and tears and laughter and finally anger and resolve against the enemy to continue on with a vengeance preaching the cross of Christ. At that point all obstacles were cleared up in my mind except the false prophet issue. And The Lord spoke to me and asked me if all men were speaking well of me? At the time I could not think of one solitary soul anywhere that was speaking well of me, not even my mother and father, or sisters and brothers. And that settled that issue also.
     At one point after the error of the timing of the rapture I threatened God to stop preaching, if He could not keep me from error. Later The Lord showed me what He thought of my attempting to manipulate Him (= witchcraft). One day while on my face in prayer, the floor disappeared under me and I was hung out over the Lake of Fire with nothing holding me aloft but the grace of God. And He spoke to me and said that The Lake of Fire would be my place, if I did not start exercising the authority He had given me. This has been a major incentive for me to not fear any big named, or little named preachers, or any Jezebels that He may send me to with His Word.

(Go to “Two Sons Of Belial: Donnie And Loren” for the next segment of this letter.)

     Love in Christ,

     Rev. Daniel K. Hathorn


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