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Redemption Ground Bible Church
Bishop Moses O. Adesina

               20 June, 2007               



     Dear Brother Jimmy (continuation from “Daniel’s Testimony”),

     Brother Jimmy, you have been given warning to restrain your two sons of Belial, Donnie and Loren, and it appears that you can not see their wickedness (same as not seeing “error” in the Expositor’s, because you close your eyes to it, despising the government of God and His Governor, The Holy Spirit), or just down right refuse to do it, or they wont listen, 1 Sam. 2:12-17, 23-25. The judgment is coming: my humble advice is for you to flee from the wrath to come by REPENTING and humbly submitting to The Word and Obey His Governor. That is my humble opinion, but you can do what you want.
     Loren has been given warning not to call you “spiritual father”, but it seems he has inherited his fleshly stubbornness from his “spiritual father”. The Word tells us to call NO MAN your father, Matt. 23:9-10. Seeking self glory was the reproof of Jesus for those that say and do not do The Word, Matt. 23:3. When you allow this to continue on, Brother Swaggart, you are doing two things: 1) you are guaranteeing your own fall by stealing God’s Glory in the glorification of yourself. God is obligated to make you fall to show everyone that you are not God Almighty. (remember all the plagues of Egypt were all about toppling each of their gods); 2) you are murdering Loren and his blood will be upon your head. You allowing him to continue calling you his “spiritual father” makes him deny his true Father in heaven. And who ever denies The Father, has not The Son, (they are ONE), 1 Jn. 2:22-23. Loren was also warned about calling you an Apostle (Donnie was doing it too, and I suspect the source as his Jezebel whore), which is designed by
satan to draw you off and away from your true calling which will also kill you spiritually eventually. By standing in an office you were not called to, makes you responsible for that office’s duties which you “claim,” but that you have no grace (calling) to do (for only Christ alive in us can do anything good [= office duties] by grace through The Faith, Jn. 6:28-29). And while you stand in an office that you were not called to and can not do, you are at the same time NOT doing the office you were called to do, thus doubling the transgression and the wrath of God against you for every soul sent to hell for your dereliction of duties. If he does not repent, this error will likely return again. At the same time one stands in an office that they are not called to, they block all individuals from coming to the fore front that are actually called to that office, thus depriving The Bride of one of The Gifts that The Bride Groom left for His Bride to prepare Her for His soon return. I would not under any circumstance want to be the one guilty of that transgression especially since I saw that vision of the fire in His Eyes, Jas. 3:1-2. Brother Jimmy, when you allow yourself to be called an Apostle when you are not, you are doing exactly this: preventing and blocking the true called and ordained of God anointed Apostles out of the church by actually spiritually murdering them, Rev. 18:20. After all if “you” don’t have an Apostle or prophet in “your” church (kingdom) you can just make one out of what is readily available, 1 Sam. 13:8-14. Right! No! Very foolishly wrong! Spiritually deadly wrong! REPENT! And bring forth fruits of repentance.

(Go to “Donnie Yoked With ‘Jezebel’ Judy To Murder ‘Daughter Of Zion’ Debbie” for the remainder of this letter.)

     Love in Christ,

     Rev. Daniel K. Hathorn


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