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Bishop Moses O. Adesina

               20 June, 2007               



     Dear Brother Jimmy (continuation from “Two Sons Of Belial: Donnie And Loren”),

     Donnie was unequally yoked with an unbelieving Jezebel, Judy, who he joined with to murder a daughter of Zion, Debbie; and you, Brother Swaggart are a partaker of the murder of Debbie by standing idly by and agreeing with the lies that she was put away with. Now Donnie is equally yoked in full league with
satan, being led by his murdering Jezebel whore, preaching the right message, and confessing the right message, but his heart is far from God and His HOLY Spirit, (having high jacked the message of the cross) in contention with The Holy Spirit for his own (Jezebel’s) agenda of self aggrandization; and he (she) is in the process of turning the message of the cross against The Bride of Christ the same as she worked her hoo doo jew jew against Debbie to murder her, while all at FWC said nothing, Pvb. 6:32. She is an adulterous woman eating off of The Body of Christ like a parasitic leach. And she wipes the Blood of the slain from her mouth as if she has done nothing, and says I have done no wickedness (because you can’t see it physically with spiritually blinded eyes does not mean it is not happening). Donnie is attempting to justify his adultery and murder of Debbie behind marriage “papers” like the world “gives in marriage.” The union with this unbelieving Jezebel was NOT ordained by God, nor does the paper license appease the wrath of God coming against a covenant breaker. God is about to expose this wickedness if fruits of repentance are not forthwith produced. Marrying like the world is a sign of the last times, Matt. 24:38. They will be eating of The Lord’s Body unworthily- like parasites; and drinking of the cup of The Holy Spirit unworthily- thus drinking the blood of The Saints and the prophets and all the slain of the earth, (Rev. 17:4-6; 18:6-8, 24), (eating and drinking damnation to themselves moved by “feelings” and not by “The Faith”). (I can tell you from experience in the occult, if you are looking for feelings evil spirits can mimic all the “feelings” of the Holy Spirit and tongues too!) When God’s holy people congregate some will have absolutely no concern or understanding that they are eating and drinking damnation to their own souls if they don’t LIVE the message of the cross. He that does not ABIDE in the doctrine of Christ – HAS NOT GOD, 2 Jn. 1:9.
     Another sign of end times is that they will marry and give in marriage: disregarding completely the fact that marriage is an institution established and ordained by God in The Word for believers only. HOLY matrimony is established for a born again man and a born again woman to be joined together as ONE to be a witness and example to the unsaved world of Jesus Christ’s relationship to His Bride, The Church of Jesus Christ. It is one of the seven “mysteries” of the Church that only believers can understand. Only a HOLY Almighty God through the authority of His HOLY Word and by the power of His HOLY Spirit can join two believers in HOLY matrimony and make them as ONE Flesh IN Christ. Holy matrimony is not only a covenant cut between two believers, but it is at the same time a covenant with God – Who ALONE can make it HOLY. Everything about the marriage of believers and the rearing of their family is supposed to be an example and testimony to the unbelieving world of God’s relationship to man. Can the defilement of this image of Christ’s relationship to his Church get any worse? I don’t think so unless man starts marrying animals. The Church of Jesus Christ has not only defiled, broken and disregarding the HOLY COVENANT of marriage between two individuals, but they have also defiled, broken and disregarded their marriage covenant with God Almighty and adopted the worlds ways of marriage (which in the beginning the Holy Covenant of marriage was never intended for heathen) and they are jumping in and out of marriages like it was little more than a dance.
     In Gen. 2:21-24, we see that The Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and God took out one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh where He took the rib out. And from the rib, which The Lord God had taken from man, He made a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said this is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Here is the miracle that unbelievers can not see or understand. Two individuals with different personalities are made into one body and brought into the unity of one spirit. Likewise, God The Father caused the deep sleep of death to come upon the second Adam, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, on the cross and out of His side came The Blood, The Water (of The Word), and The Holy Spirit. And by faith in The Water of The Word preached to sinful man, and by faith in the atoning Blood of Jesus Christ shed for man’s sins, and by The Holy Spirit coming to reside inside the believer’s heart through repentance from sin and confession of Jesus as their Lord, God Almighty makes The Bride of Christ. And we see in 1 Cor. 6:17 that the believer is made into one Spirit with Christ. And in Eph. 5:30 we see that the believer has been made into the flesh and bone of Jesus Christ’s Body. Born again people are called Christians because our very existence is taken out of the side of what Jesus Christ, the second Adam, committed Himself to do and testified how He would do it through the witness in the ordinance of holy matrimony from the very beginning of time. Jesus Christ is The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. The foundation of God’s relationship to man since the fall of the first Adam is based on Jesus Christ’s commitment to lay down His Life for His Bride for the express purpose of God becoming one spirit and one body and one bone with man. Our belief in Jesus Christ going to the cross to shed His Blood and die for our sins establishes a believer’s relationship to God as His Bride. And from the very beginning of the ordinance of marriage, it is founded and institutionalized in The Word of God as a testimony that Christ would die for our sins so that we could lose our old sinner identity and receive a new identity becoming one with Christ. Again in Matt. 19:4-6 and in accordance with the law of two witnesses, we have Jesus, Himself, confirming and establishing the institution of Holy matrimony, when He declares that God which made them in the beginning made them male and female, And said, for this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and the two of them shall be one flesh. Wherefore they are no more two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder. The Bride has to lose her old identity and the Groom has to lose his old identity and the two of them become one new identity made into one by faith in Christ and His Word.
     A marriage covenant is a physical and spiritual legally binding contract between all parties in the covenant. What so called “believers” fail to realize (only “believers” can understand the mysteries) when they take up the “practice” of marriage as the world does, is that in a marriage of “believers” God is one of the parties in the covenant. Only God Almighty can perform the miracle of forming two into ONE flesh and He seals the covenant with His Holy Spirit. Therefore the oath of marriage is not only to the mate but to God as well, and God is serious about oaths made to Him. The wedding vow is a very serious commitment and God does not take the breaking of this vow very lightly. In Deut. 23:21, 23, we are warned that if we make a vow unto The Lord our God, we shall not be slack to pay it: for The Lord our God will surely require it of us; and it would be sin in us. That which is gone out of our lips we shall keep and perform. And again in Ecc. 5:4 God warns us that God has no pleasure in fools who vow a vow unto Him and defer to pay it. He demands the payment of the vow. And again in Num. 30:2, If a man vow a vow unto The Lord, or swear an oath to bind his soul with a bond; he shall not break his word, he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth. The world of unbelievers now days can not see the spiritual side of marriage, nor understand the seriousness of the wedding vow. They jump in and out of marriage like it was nothing more than a dance. It is just as Jesus warned us would happen in the last days as in the days of Noah in Matt. 24:37-38. He said they would be marrying and giving in marriage meaning they would not see or understand the spiritual foundation of marriage or that the ordinance of marriage testifies of Christ dieing on the cross for us being made sin for His Bride to take away our sins. This was testified to from the beginning as the first Adam was made sin to stay in relationship to his Bride. Nor would the world understand that the ordinance of marriage was for believers only as it is a spiritual covenant and the natural unsaved man can not receive the things of God (including the miracle of being made One Flesh). But when vows are made between two believers basing their faith in The Word of God and God Himself, and fully understanding what the ordinance of marriage testifies of, God honors that faith in Him and He rewards faith in His Word (Heb. 11:6) with The Power of His Holy Spirit to spiritually join that man and woman believer into one new person. A mystery in The Bible is something a non-believer can not understand. Keep this in mind as we read Eph. 5:30-32: For we are members of His Body (that is God’s Body), of His flesh, and of His bones. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh. This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and The Church. Two persons can only become one flesh if they are first One with Christ. This is the only way The Holy Spirit can work the miracle of forming two into one. Brother Swaggart, not discerning the marriage covenant is very similar to not discerning The Body.
     Brother Swaggart, again after receiving this portion of Word concerning Donnie I thought it kind of harsh and was fearful of setting it forth before you until the next morning in prayer The Lord gave me another vision. In this vision there was a woman on the floor curled up in a fetal position and her clothes were all shredded to pieces and she was bruised from the top of her head to the souls of her feat. I was very close to her and could see that she was very poor looking (skin and bones) and she was whimpering like a lost wounded puppy. Then The Lord backed me up a little and I could see preachers all standing around this woman beating her mercilessly with rods (false doctrines), Matt. 24:48-51. All the preachers were dressed in fine expensive suits. They were beating her because she could no longer go out and prostitute herself for money to give to them, (she was too sick and weak from a milk only and poison diet). As the woman was being beaten she was crying out to Jesus with a voice that was barely audible. I had to move closer to hear what she was saying. Then she said: Oh no not the cross too! I turned to look in the direction that the woman was looking in and there was Donnie coming with a rod marked with the cross to beat the woman also. I stood up and I could see Loren also coming in the distance, and behind him yet farther in the distance were more “ministers” from JSM. Then The Lord pulled me out farther, and I could see the outside of the house. It was an old dilapidated house with no electricity, or running water. And parked all around the woman’s house were the big fine cars of all the preachers that were inside beating the woman. Then The Lord pulled me back farther – all the way to the throne of God. I saw The Lord sitting upon a throne High and Lifted up, and His train filled the temple. I saw Him stand up off of His Throne in anger and fire was in His Eyes, and the fire of His Eyes was about to jump out of His Eyes and consume those preachers in an instant, (reminiscent of the anger displayed by King Ahasuerus against Haman in the book of Esther).
     Brother Swaggart, The Lord has heard the prayers of The Saints at FWC and He wants to come in His Glory, but if He comes in His Glory right now without REPENTANCE and fruits of REPENTANCE first, He would at once consume Jimmy and Donnie, and Loren, and others with the fire that goes before Him to burn up His enemies round about, Psa. 97:3. The Lord has sent His Word to FWC and JSM, but Jimmy and Donnie and Loren (and others there following flesh leaders instead of The Word) who love to have the preeminence among their groupie followers receive not The Word and cast Him out as dung in their wicked prideful disobedience. If The Lord of Glory comes right now without repentance first, He will remember those deeds and your prating against The Word (encouraged by the Jezebel whore), and against the messenger delivering the message.
     FWC, I have heard and I have seen you ask for revival and ask for My Glory, and I have seen you weep and mourn for the lost. Should you not rather be weeping, wailing and mourning for the adulteries, whoredoms and murders in your very midst so that he and she that have done these wicked deeds might be taken away from among you? While you close your eyes to these abominations you become a partaker with them, can I come in My Glory in your midst when the whole is an offense to Me? When fornication and murder and whoredoms are flaunted before the entire world in your midst and you are puffed up and proud of the perpetrator, because he is “preaching the right message,” and he is the son of the idol (which you have made), can I come in your midst? You have closed your eyes to the adultery and whoredoms of Donnie and his Jezebel. And you suffer that woman Jezebel, who calls herself Donnie’s wife, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols (Jimmy, the Expositor, and others), Rev. 2:20. My Word on this wicked deed is not allowed in your midst, but I am present in Spirit and have already judged this deed. FWC, your glorying in the message of the cross is not good, while this wickedness is in your midst. Know ye not that this adultery and murder will eventually and inevitably contaminate the whole lump, including “the message of the cross?” The Sacrifice (The Faith) is not believed, if the message is not lived. Purge out therefore this wickedness that ye may be doers of The Word, and that you will receive My Glory. Lift up your heads O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and The King of Glory shall come in.

     Brother Swaggart, Jesus will have a Bride without spot or wrinkle prepared in the 7 year outpouring, regardless of what government, flesh or
devils stand in the way. The Body of Christ shall be delivered (from wicked preachers), and She shall be healed and raised from the dead and enlarged by The Glory of God with Jimmy and JSM repenting and coming in line with God’s divine order, or without Jimmy and JSM, (they being utterly destroyed completely in flames of shame). But who knows if Jimmy and JSM art come to The Kingdom for such a time as this, Est. 4:14. REPENT, lest ye die in your wickedness when The Lord of Host’s wrath is kindled but a little. Brother Swaggart, when you stood idly by as Debbie, a daughter of Zion, was brutally murdered in your sight and hearing, you not only became a partaker of the murder, but also a partaker of the broken vow. When you stand idly by as Loren and Donnie lift you up as Apostle or “spiritual father” and say nothing, you become a partaker of their spiritual suicide, and your own along with the thievery of God Almighty’s Glory– putting the noose around your own neck by allowing it (stubbornly running headlong into the bowls of hell).
     If you do not repent, you shall seek The Lord and not find Him, 1 Sam. 16:15; 28:6. You will seek a woman with familiar spirits (and the Jezebel is already in your midst), 1 Sam. 28:7. Instead of the water of outpouring, you will see the wrath of The Lord of Host run over you like water. The Holy Spirit will leave and not return until you acknowledge your wickedness of allowing the offenses of adulteries, whoredoms, murders and thefts of “The Spiritual Father’s” Glory to be practiced openly in your midst and flaunted openly and brazenly to the world. Repent NOW and seek The “Spiritual Father’s” Face and put away the Jezebel and this will be taken care of behind the scenes. Brother Swaggart, The Word of The Lord came to me to give you two choices. 1) Donnie can put away the Jezebel. Tell Donnie that he can use some of the same lies that he used for murdering and putting away one of The “Spiritual Father’s” Daughters of Zion; or 2) Brother Jimmy, you must put away both Donnie and the Jezebel. If you keep pressing on in your stubborn pride ignoring this Word and His messenger, improperly judging this Word, or casting The Word out as dung, prating and ranting and raving against Him, it will be to your own destruction and all “your” followers. This is not a suggestion for you to repent. It is an ultimatum. You REPENT NOW! OR ELSE your SPACE to REPENT will be withdrawn (The Holy Spirit along with it), and all this will be exposed publicly. You will be thrown into bed with the Jezebel and your humiliation and shame will be double what it was before. Hell will hasten to greet you and Donnie and your entire house including all of “your” “spiritual sons.” And the blood of all the souls lost due to your stubborn pride and desire to steal God’s Glory will be placed upon your head. When you have been stripe bare of all of your stubborn foolish pride and you still refuse to REPENT, you will go down to the lowest parts of the bowls of hell in flames of shame even lower than Kenneth Hagin, who did the same when The Lord sent His servant to him with The Word. You will be tormented in hell as
satan rewards your stubbornness and obedience to him with untold souls lost to hell as they gave up due to the great shame you caused to The Name of Jesus and his lie pounding in their ears all the time: “see even the message of the cross has no power to deliver you.”
     Brother Jimmy, I believe you experienced the former humiliation so you would have the strength, courage, fear and motivation to honor God above your sons (Donnie and Loren, and others) this time. I beg you by The Mercies of God to do the right thing NOW so you will not have to go through the later humiliation, but instead experience the later rain. Be strong IN The Lord and the power of HIS Might: die utterly to self by “The Faith” in the cross, take up your cross and come and follow Jesus with the rest of us, applying the cross in our lives. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He has been hearing your prayers about the ministry, but He is more concerned with the minister than He is with the ministry. Concerning the ministry: back up a little and consolidate, get through this repentance and obedience and prepare for The Glory. This sort of attack by
satan is not without precedent. In Num.25, just prior to entering the promise land (the glory falling), satan did the same type of thing.

     Thus Says The Lord of HOST: Satan! Let my people go!

     Love in Christ,

     Rev. Daniel K. Hathorn


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