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2004-2005 Vision of Rev. Daniel K. Hathorn of Redemption Ground Bible Church


I don't remember exactly when I received this vision. The battles have been so intense here at RGBC, but I think it was around 2004 or 2005. It was at a time The Lord was pitting me against the demon behind this preacher. At the time I was greatly persecuted and afflicted by many demons coming from the members of his church that they were constantly conjuring up against me through what they called prayer, Isa. 1:2-17, also in their worship of devils at their synagogue of satan they were strengthening the demonic powers. I received this vision during prayer time at RGBC. And in the vision I was being brought to court to be sued for slander by a prominent Pentecostal Oneness preacher in town, one Anthony Mangun, for names that I called him on our radio program, (false preacher, false prophet, snake, viper, hypocrite, agent of satan, demon possessed, etc., etc.). In the vision as I was in the Church house preparing to go to the courthouse (with no earthly lawyer) and feeling a little apprehensive The Lord reminded me of Lk. 12:11-12 to ease my mind. The Lord also instructed me to bring a dust pan, small whisk broom and a garbage bag with me which I did. When I arrived at the courthouse I went to the courtroom that I was assigned and on the outside I met with a preacher that had been greatly opposing me in the past and he offered to sit with me and secretly film the proceedings with a hidden camera. I got the nod from The Holy Spirit and agreed to his proposal, (made me to believe that he got saved). Both of us entered the courthouse to mocks and jeers from the church members of Anthony Mangun's Pentecostal's of Alexandria church. They filled up the court room. We sat down on our side of the court room opposite to Anthony Mangun, his lawyer and one of his associates. The Judge immediately advised me of the need to have a lawyer representing me and that he could postpone the proceedings while I obtained counsel or he could appoint me one if I desired. The Holy Spirit gave me the reply. I told the judge that the outcome of this suit had already be determined by a Higher Court and that these proceedings where just for The Glory of God. The Judge looked at me with confusion and said OK lets proceed. Mr. Mangun's lawyer presented witnesses and some of my tapes presenting his case and each time the judge asked me if I wanted to cross examine a witness The Holy Spirit gave me what to say: God is my Judge I don't need to cross examine. When it came time for me to present my defense I simply said what The Holy Spirit directed me to say: that God is my Judge and my Defense. Then again the judge advised me to get counsel and that he could still postpone the proceedings while I obtained counsel or he could appoint me one. He then warned that if I did not get counsel that he would have to rule on what he had been presented and since I did not make any defense it was not looking good for me. Again The Holy Spirit gave me what to say. I said, I am a servant of God and God is my Judge and my Defense. And if I am a servant of God, all that I called Mr. Mangun was directed by God and Mr. Mangun's suit is not against me but against God Almighty. And if I am a servant of God then let fire come down from heaven and consume my adversary. The judge had a stunned and astonished look on his face and the whole court room went eerily silent as if waiting for the fire. After a couple of minutes of complete silence and stillness in the court room little snickers started up in the crowd and increased to mocking and laughing at me and jeering (expl. where is the fire preacher man; do we have to turn off the lights to see it; must not be a servant of God, etc., etc.). Then Mr. Mangun and the judge started to laugh and mock also. Then all of a sudden there was a sound of electricity popping and crackling in the air and Mr. Mangun started to scream out in horror as sparks started to fly out of his belly. With unrestrained emotions of the horrors of hell on his face and in his screams, Mr. Mangun reached out and grabbed his associate by the arm and the electricity flowed into him also. The associate violently clawed at Mr. Mangun's hand to get it off of his arm as the horrors from hell began to envelope him also. As the associate was clawing at Mr. Mangun's hand suddenly a big electrical pop sounded and a flame jumped out of his belly and consumed him in an instant turning him into ashes which fell to the floor. Now the electricity that had flowed into the associate started to consume him also. Sparks started flying out of his belly, he began to scream with the horrors of hell, then a flame jumped out of his belly and turned him to ashes which fell to the floor. As all of that was happening the court room mockers were clearing out with post haste and screams of horror having a renewed fear of God Almighty. Then The Holy Spirit (my Counselor) had me to make a motion to the judge that the suit be dismisses since there were no longer any plaintiffs. He just stood there with his stunned mouth open as I picked up the dust pan, broom and bag to go sweep up the ashes of God's adversaries. As I was sweeping up the ashes of Mr. Mangun and his associate the bailiff tried to stop me. I looked up at him and said that God Almighty instructed me to sweep up these ashes; do you still want me to stop? The bailiff looked up at the judge and the judge gave him a nod to stop me because they needed the ashes as evidence; as I continued to sweep up the ashes and put them in the garbage bag. The bailiff reached out and grabbed me by my shoulder to stop me and the electricity jumped on him. He started screaming in horror and sparks started jumping out of his belly until a flame jumped out and consumed him like the others. Then I stood up and told the judge that he could have the bailiff's ashes for evidence. Then the judge made some kind of snide remark under his breath and the electricity jumped on him and consumed him in ashes. By this time the court room was completely empty and I finished sweeping up God's adversaries' ashes and was instructed to strew them on the sidewalk coming into the court house so that everybody entering the court house would trample on them. I did as I was instructed and went back to the church.
That was the end of the vision, and it is going to take something like that to bring the fear of God back to The Church. Because they think good is evil and evil is good. It is going to take the Strong Hand of God Almighty! And this fits right in with what The Lord showed me about the end times and the rapture of The Church so many years ago. He said that He would take us out of this world like He took Israel out of Egypt, with great judgment on our adversaries, with a high hand of praise, and with NOT ONE lame or sick among us. All Praise to His Holy Name!


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